BBO Poker Tables

If you're in the market for the best in card game furniture, BBO Poker Tables is a safe bet. They have the largest selection of poker and blackjack tables sporting the finest construction. Choose from shapes including round, oval, and kidney. Each table is crafted from hard woods such as mahogany and oak. The edges can be adorned in an array of upholstery. Just want a casual understated table for an occasional weekend game? Choose from several modest shades of supple leather. Do your friends prefer to feel like ostentatious high-rollers? They can rest their arms on eye-catching textures including ballistic, with its pointillist raised dots, capote, evoking the look of grained pelt, or even faux crocodile skin. Heighten the tension of a high-stakes game with dramatic LED lighting. When the tables are not in use for cards, many have top covers available to transform them into handsome dining tables.

Despite the name, BBO Poker Tables isn't just about the tables. What use is an impressive gaming table without a place to sit? That's why BBO Poker Tables also manufactures a variety of top-of-the-line chairs. From rustic all wood models to sophisticated black vinyl padded numbers, there are chairs for every taste. Every one of these seating options is elegant enough to be used to entertain for dinner soirees when the tables are in dining table mode.

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