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Founded in 1974, Atmor has been manufacturing electric water heaters for residential and commercial use. The Atmore tankless electric water heaters are one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly units in the market that heat up just the right amount of water instantly and reduce the energy consumption significantly while protecting the environment. The brand is well-known as the leading international manufacturer of tankless water heaters.

Atmor water heaters are built with commercial grade heat-resistant thermoplastic materials for the maximum durability and safety. The brand's electric water heaters are compact size, which can be installed as wall mounted units or hidden under the sink. In addition to that, Atmor offers water heaters for a single sink application, as well as models with the 2-point-of-use connection that can supply hot water for the sink and the shower. Some models are also designed to be connected to the main hot water line of the home, which supplies the water for the entire house.

Atmor tankless electric water heaters are a convenient energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution, which provides the instant hot water, reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.

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