Ashley Furniture - Powered Comfort

Ashley Furniture - Powered Comfort

Ashley Furniture is the largest home furnishing manufacturer in the world. Full stop. They did not arrive at this position by resting on their laurels. Quite the contrary, they've spent three-quarters of a century surviving and thriving by being one of the nimblest organizations in the home furnishing market. While balancing on a stable rock of traditional design, they've tempered their offerings by having their fingers on the pulse of prevailing trends. Ashley Furniture has done it again and incorporated powered features into their already popular living room furniture.

9570125 Quinnlyn Power Recliner

Quinnlyn 43" Rocker/Recliner (SKU 9570125)

Let's first talk about personal comfort. You will enjoy every inch of coziness with the Quinnlyn Power Rocker/Recliner. The split back cushion invites you to just blissfully throw your body into its softness but at the same time will support you in all the right spots. The teddy bear-like feel of the chair is down to the extra high-resiliency Ashley has copiously stuffed into the thick poly fiber upholstery. Rocking back and forth will act a as a metronome, lulling you into quiet meditation. At the simple touch of a button, you'll recline and soft pillowing will surround you and drain all worries away. At a width of 43" and a depth of 41", the finnickiest lounger will be able to spread themselves out to their heart's content. The recliner's muted coffee color along with jumbo stitching lends a look that would both be appropriately displayed in a front parlor or more intimately nestled in a mancave. To entertain even the most boisterous of company, we recommend that you complete the Quinnlynn living room set with the 9570187 89" Reclining Power Sofa and the 9570174 67" Reclining Power Loveseat.

Zavier Two-Seat Reclining Power Sofa (SKU 4290147)

The Zavier's design is unique to reclining sofas in that it comes in two wide sections rather than three single-person segments as is the case with most sofas. This allows for both parts of the sofa to be power recliners and for two occupants to kick back as they see fit. The mere press of a button will recline each side up to a generous 70" in length. The plush, padded arms are just what you're looking for whether you'd like to rest your arms or your head. Drift off into a mid-afternoon nap in any position as this sofa cradles you into restful slumber. The combination polyester/polyurethane upholstery gives the sofa the lovingly distressed look of old bomber jackets without you having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. To truly turn you living room into the set piece of your home, you can get the entire Zavier set with the 4290182 54" Wide Seat Power Recliner and the 4290191 79" Power recliner Loveseat with Console.

7290147 Zavier Two Seat Reclining Power Sofa

Yandel Power Lift Recliner (SKU 1090112)

Ashley Furniture's designers have not forgotten those who might need a little bit of assistance to ease them in and out of reclining harmony. The Yandel Power Lift Recliner is just the ticket. Multiple motors will lift and tilt the entire chair to gently coax you on and off your feet. Once in a seated position, the Yandel has a dual motor capability which permits you to recline your back and elevate your legs independently. You'll be able to customize your positioning almost infinitely. Designer upholstery may give this piece the folksy appearance of lived-in leather, but it is, in fact, lush fabric that envelopes you in warmth. For those with any worry that limited mobility might pose a problem in the event of a power outage, never fear. The Yandel has the option of an emergency battery backup that runs on two 9-volt batteries which will return the chair to its default position and allow for safe exit.

The best is yet to come for Ashley Furniture. Their foray into powered home furnishing is merely a way station on what is promising to be a long journey into the future of continued excellence in furniture design. We invite you to be a part of that journey and peruse the unmatched selection and quality of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design collection.

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