Art Marble Furniture

Art Marble Furniture specializes in crafting all tabletops in natural granite and quartz. They also have high quality table bases in heavy duty stainless steel, as well as, iron. Their furniture is easy to maintain with a lightweight design and are very durable for wear and tear. Art Marble Furniture's tabletops come in an assortment of colors, sizes and unique designs. Granite and quartz tabletops are perfect for any traditional and contemporary decor.

Art Marble Furniture is a manufacturer of elegant granite and quartz table tops. They are excellent for a range of dining areas such as food courts and restaurants to night clubs and fine dining establishments. The fact that the granite's look and feel is popular with the public, makes dining spots attractive to customers.

Art Marble Furniture's granite table tops stays clean. It can also be easily disinfected with a few swipes of cleaner in a damp cloth, making it faster for bus boys to prepare the table for the next customer. Art Marble's table tops are also designed to be light-weight for easy transport. Accompanying the tops are high quality stainless steel and cast iron bases.

The company has served the hospitality industry for over 15 years.

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