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Arctic Wind

Arctic Wind washers, dryers, and air conditioning systems offer a practical, simply styled, and price-friendly option for your home appliance needs. Manufactured from stainless steel and designed for easy use and programming, their products are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a durable, dependable appliance that offer a maximum result without an overabundance of high-tech bells and whistles. These machines do their job and do them well. These machines are available in both gas and electric configurations to fit your particular needs.

Their line of top loading washers are all 27 inches in width and top loading, with stainless-steel drums that resist rusting or blemishes. Among the convenient features you can find in these washers are a lid with a glass viewing window so you can easily check on the wash progress without stopping the cycle. Up to 12 wash cycles, six wash options, five soil levels and five temperature settings let you customize your cycle for whatever items of fabrics you need cleaned. And for even more simplicity you can use the automatic temperature controls and load sensor programs to make sure your washables are treated gently but cleaned thoroughly.

Arctic Wind's front-loading dryers are equally impressive while remaining practical and user-friendly. At 27 inches wide they can handle larger loads with ease and come with a number of beneficial programs to keep your clothing looking and feeling its best. A sensor dry feature keeps track of moisture levels to prevent over drying and damage to textiles. Ten specific drying cycles combine with five temperature levels to let you dry your items just as they require. These dryers are all meant for vented operation, with some models offering up to three venting positions for flexible installation. And a convenient lint indicator light lets you know when the filter needs cleaning.

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