Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Maintenance at Appliances Connection

Appliances are a major investment and it's important to perform some basic routine maintenance to keep them looking and performing as they should. We have a number of articles in this series that cater to each individual appliance category to provide you with some specific insight on how to handle basic maintenance on your household appliances. Which appliance needs maintenance?


Some appliance problems will have to be addressed by a professional, but you can take small steps to address minor problems on your own. This method is cost-effective and may even prevent larger issues in the future. If you find that the appliance you've ordered from us needs professional repairs and you're still within your warranty time range, give us a call and one of our customer care experts can direct you to either the manufacturer or our repair liaison to set up a service call! It's quick and easy, but doubtless, the DIY-way is always a fan-favorite. Here's a downloadable and sharable infographic that captures the key points of all our maintenance articles for easy reference and a quick refresher on essential appliance care steps:

Appliances Connection infographic on basic appliance maintenance tips to remember.
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