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New York City, NY (April 2016) - Appliances Connection visits Monogram Design Center at the influential A&D building (Architects & Designers). The brand Monogram by GE is a luxury line of home appliances. General Electric, overall, is one of the oldest and largest suppliers of home appliances in the world with a substantial history in consumer goods and is one of Jack Donaghy’s favorite brands. The introduction of old world technology facilitated the need to simplify daily routines. Home kitchen appliances were once amenities originally designed to accommodate one specific need. Through the advances of time and high-tech progressions, appliances today are more capable and efficient than ever before.  The design and innovations on the Monogram lineup are crafted to meet more refined tastes but at the same time, cater to today’s more technological savvy consumer.


Not many would be able to afford top of the line kitchen appliances and those that are able to would certainly revel in owning luxury home appliances. Monogram by GE, is self-proclaimed as achieving sophisticated styling with exceptional craftsmanship. Designed as satisfying more professional kitchen quality demands, this high end kitchen lineup features state of the art performance with the appeal of a modern flair.


I recently had the opportunity to visit the lavish Monogram showroom for the first time. Upon arrival we were welcomed and received warmly by their on-site staff. Located on the 10th floor of the A&D building, Monogram designed a gorgeous 4,000 sq. ft. showroom with skyline views of the greatest city on earth, New York City. Prominently on display were all products from the Monogram line including certain new items pending substantiation. Among the displays were refrigerators, ranges, ovens, microwaves, wine coolers, ventilation hoods and cooktops. Also, on display were selections from their new Graphite product line offering as a sleek alternative to stainless steel.


Overall, an educational experience on all things Monogram by GE but being able to marvel and play with the luxury Monogram line of home kitchen appliances was enjoyable to say the least. It was a true pleasure to be able to touch and feel the exquisite and refined high-end appliances. The difference in reading specifications with images of features and actually using those features first hand are worlds apart. When you read certain features such as “easy glide touch controls” is informative but different when actually manipulating those said controls yourself.

Monogram by GE


Electric induction cooktop


An electric induction cooktop is a great option over traditional gas ranges and especially useful for when a gas hookup is not an available option. It is also safe because it only provides heat through appropriate cookware.

ZHU36RSJSS 36" 240/208 Volts Electric Smooth-top Induction Cooktop with 5 Burners in Silver features 5 induction cooking element capacity. This cooktop is designed to fit streamlined right into any counter space with easy to read and easy to use touch control interface with LED lights.

Notable Features:


11 inch 3700W induction element: Capable of bringing a quart of water to a boil in 101 seconds.

SyncBurners: Two 7-inch elements can be controlled simultaneously for even heat distribution amongst longer cookware.

Stainless steel clad aluminum griddle: Speaking of longer cookware, this griddle pan is specifically designed to fit perfectly with this cooktop.

Control Lock: Prevent unauthorized use or accidental use with this lock option.

Multi-element timer: Individual timer control for each individual element.


Personally, I was able to toy with this induction cooktop by childishly mashing on all the buttons but it was still responsive and unsurprisingly did not malfunction under this impromptu stress test. The heating time is quick and almost immediate especially with the sound of sizzling peppers emanating.

Side by side refrigerator


ZISS420DHSS Monogram® 42" Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser
features a compartment wide climate-control drawer capable of express-chill or express-thaw functions with an advanced temperature management system that’s able to keep airflow circulation evenly throughout the entire refrigerator unit.

express chill shelf monogram

Other notable features:

Color-matched dispenser with Proximity Sensor: Automatically detects and accommodates all sizes of glassware with appropriately matched control graphics that light up when you’re near and turns off when you walk away.

Brilliant halogen light columns: Bright illuminating lights to clearly see inside both the fridge and freezer compartments.

Gallon-size door bin: Holds any gallon sized jugs right on the refrigerator door.

Adjustable storage: Door bins and shelving can be changed to meet all shapes and sizes.

Spill-proof Glass: In case a spill occurs, leaks won’t spill over shelving enabling easier cleanups of accidental messes.

Exterior water and ice dispenser: Conveniently located on the outside for quick access.

Wine Reserve


For the avid wine connoisseur, a wine reserve rack is a must. For those who require a little extra fanciness with their wine then a stainless steel wine reserve with electronic controls is a definite must.

ZDWR240HBS Monogram® Stainless Steel Wine Reserve
features a UV-ray resistant tempered glass door with adjustable temperature control. This wine reserve unit is designed to fit flush into existing cabinetry.

Other notable features:


LED Temperature display: Easy to ready temperature status.


Full extension sliding wine racks: Able to be pulled out fully and wine can be stored horizontally or vertically.

Reversible door swing: Can be adjusted to have this wine reserve door open from either the left or right.

I enjoy an occasional glass of wine from time to time and I’ll happen to inadvertently collect bottles of wine from here and there. However, I doubt the caliber of wine I possess would be deemed worthy to be placed inside this fancy wine reserve.

Double Wall Oven

Put the pro in professional with this massive double wall oven. This unit is for the serious baker or the aspiring chef, a double wall oven is a convenient and capable appliance designed to fit streamlined into the wall or cabinetry.


ZET2PHSS Monogram® 30" Professional Electronic Convection Double Wall Oven
features 10 cubic feet capacity in total with interior LED theatre-styled lighting. This electric double wall oven comes equipped with true European convection able to promote air flow from the top of the unit for more balanced baking and even roasting all around.


Other notable features:


Stainless steel backlit digital control knobs: Exact controls with light indication for amplifying visuals on oven control.

Exclusive Self-Clean with 2 full extensions and 1 regular extension oven racks: Steel ball bearings provide for an easier glide on adjusting the oven racks extension. These oven racks are also designed to be capable of being left inside the oven for a self-clean cycle.

Self-clean with steam clean option: The power of clean through steam provides an economic and efficient option for a self-clean cycle.




ZDT800SPFSS Monogram® Fully Integrated Dishwasher
features an exclusive Max Dry system which incorporates a high output, multi speed fan for quick and easy drying performance.

Other notable features:


102 cleaning jets: GE’s most advanced wash system able to attain the best clean from an industry leading number of cleaning jets.

LED lighting: Bright illumination on the interior for higher visibility.

42 dBA with LED status indicator on door: Only slightly louder than whisper quiet library and exterior indicator light denotes wash cycle, dry cycle or clean.

Bottle wash jets: Clean difficult long bottles or jars with four dedicated bottle wash jets.

Adjustable racks: Easily adjustable racks to fit long stemware or plates up to 10.5 inches.

Reverse blade wash arm: 25 spray jets that reverse motion to cover every angle.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see a wash cycle in action with this dishwasher but I was able to fiddle with the racks. Even in demo mode, it was easy to view and press the buttons. The complete stainless steel exterior and interior felt strong and durable. The racks were easy to adjust and manipulate and the washing arm within the machine looked like serious business.


At the end of the day, luxury home appliances may not be a necessity but once you grow accustomed to what they have to offer, you begin to question why don’t all home appliances have the same features.




Many more luxury home appliances by Monogram in the following link:


  Thanks to Monogram and special thanks to Alex L. Riedinger (Key Account Manager) for arrangement, Susan Cozzi (Design Center Manager) for the hospitality, Emily Brink (Product Specialist) for your time and preparation and Shanelle Thompson (Product Specialist) for your time and product explanations.


Sophisticated styling and exceptional craftsmanship set Monogram apart from all other appliance brands. We don't cut corners. We polish them to seamless perfection.


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