Apartment Size Appliances

Just because apartments are more limited in size does not mean that you cant find great appliances for every room of your home at Appliances Connection. Most, if not all, major manufacturers design outstanding appliances for small to medium size dwellings. Additionally, apartment size appliances are perfect for those items youd rather like out of sight in your kitchen
From compact cooktops and under-counter refrigerators to portable dishwashers, Appliances Connection has a range of apartment size kitchen appliances to choose from.


Apartment Size Dishwashers

Our dishwashers are perfect for homes with small dish loads. There are many options to choose from, including built-in, portable, and drawer dishwashers. You can even add matching cabinetry panels to the front of the dishwasher to blend into your kitchen design.


Apartment Size Sinks & Faucets

Finding the right sink and faucet for your kitchen and bath depends on the key dimensions you have to work with. The simplest design is a single-handle faucet, as it generally requires only one hole to install. Not all faucets and sinks are compatible; however, when matching measurements it's easy to see how both will work together. That's why Appliances Connection has many options to choose from: single-valve and bridge faucets, separate cold and hot water operation, and sprayer or no sprayer.

Food Disposal

Apartment Size Food Disposal

Finding the right food disposal for your apartment is dependent on the number of people that live in your home and the type of food you will be disposing. While 1/3 horsepower garbage disposal is adequate for a condominium or apartment, consider a horsepower disposal for items such as bones and hard food scraps.

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