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Ankarsrum is a manufacturer of professional quality mixers that has been around since 1940. The brand is known for producing the highest quality mixers that are durable, functional, and provide superior baking results.

Ankarsrum mixers are designed with durable chrome and steel and provide an exceptional performance. The mixers are available in a variety of color options to match any kitchen d├ęcor and offer 7-liter stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 7 lbs. of flour to make 12 pounds of bread dough. The advanced design of the mixers features powerful yet quiet 600-watt motor that can mix the biggest batch of heavy bread dough with ease. Other features include a 12-minute timer and self-adjusting bowl speed control. The unique design of Ankarsrum mixers can accommodate a variety of attachments including food slicer, meat grinder, blender, citrus juicer, and three different pasta rollers. The Ankarsrum mixers with all their accessories are the space saving solution that combines all in one unit. You will be able to flake grains for oatmeal in the morning while blending a smoothie or making a juice, grind coffee or meats for the hamburger, slice vegetables, or make your favorite shapes of pasta.

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