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Anatomy of Appliances - Ranges

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In the latest chapter of Anatomy of Appliances, a recurring series on Appliances Connection, we will be taking a deep dive in to the components of modern range ovens. Ranges are the cornerstone of any contemporary kitchen, so it is important to have a working understanding of with what they are comprised. Having an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of your major appliances is especially handy in the event of a malfunction. Being able to identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise will help you make an informed decision on whether major repairs or replacement is necessary. This information is also helpful at getting the very best performance out of each of your appliances. Below, we will highlight the important components of ranges and identify some stand-out models. Be sure to check out the other Anatomy of Appliances entries which can all be found on the Learning Center, only at!

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Burner Grates

Control Panel

Oven Door Glass Panel

Electronic Oven Control Board

Bake Element

Oven Control Thermostat

Convection Fan

Oven Door Hinge

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Bake Element - Provides heat for baking and cooking and is located at the bottom of the oven.

Broiler Element - Provides heat for broiling and is located in the top of the oven (or in the broiler drawer).

Ceramic Glass Cooktop - Flat, smooth cooking surface with radian elements underneath that provide heat.

Coil Surface Element - One type of cooking element, it is located on the cooktop and provides heat for cooking. Controlled by surface burner switch.

Control Panel - Contains the control keypads, temperature displays and other controls/displays. Multiple switches and electronic controls are attached.

Convection Fan - In select models, convection fans blow hot air throughout the oven interior creating an even cooking/baking atmosphere.

Door Light Switch - Controls the internal lighting functions.

Electronic Oven Control Board - Controls the timing and various functions of the oven. Attached to the control panel and displays.

Burner Grates - Suspends pots and pans over heating elements and preserves cookware from open flames.

Limiter - A switch on radiant elements that shuts off the elements to prevent overheating.

Oven Door Glass Panel - Heat-resistant glass located on the oven door. Allows for viewing of oven interior.

Oven Control Thermostat - Located on the control panel, this controls and maintains the desired oven temperatures.

Oven Door Hinge - Controls the speed at which the door opens and closes. Also allows the door to stay open at an angle.

Oven Door Lock - A safety mechanism that prevents injuries by latching the door shut during cooking and self-cleaning.

Oven Igniter - Primarily found in gas ovens, the igniter is a glow bar that ignites the gas for the oven burners. When the igniter is hot enough, the gas safety valves open to allow for ignition.

Oven Temperature Sensor Probe - Temperature is detected by the sensor and communicated to control board. Located in the back of the oven cavity.

Radiant Surface Element - Provides heat for cooking and is located on the cooktop. It is controlled by the surface burner switches.

Power Cord - Provides power to oven and is located in the back of the oven.

Relay Control Board - Switch that controls voltage going to baking or surface elements based on signals from the control boards.

Solid Surface Disc element - Solid metal surface element that provides heat directly to cookware on the cooktop. Ribbon heating coils underneath transmit heat to the surface element.

Spark Igniter Electrode - An insulated electrode that sends a spark to the burner head when voltage is provided. Makes a "ticking" sound when you switch on the burner controls to the on position.

Spark Module - Receives signals from burner switches. Provides voltage to the burner igniter electrodes and lights the surface gas burners.

Surface Element Receptacle - Heavy-duty wire receptacle for outlet cord connection. Located under the cooktop, it provides electricity to the coil surface element to which it is connected.

Surface Element Switch - Controls power to associated surface elements and is located on the control panel.

Terminal Block - An electrical connection point for power cord wires and incoming electrical power.

Thermal Fuse - Limits oven power and heat to prevent overheating.

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Beyond the common, basic components of most range ovens are the more technologically advanced iterations of these same components. Your favorite brands all have different takes on what's most important in an oven. Deciding which features and designs are most important to you is a vital step in choosing your next range. Below we will identify and highlight a few range models, all available on, that have taken some of these components to the next level.

Bosch Benchmark - HDIP054U - Bosch's Benchmark series is comprised of high-quality appliances in every major category and focuses on bringing professional aesthetics and capabilities into the home kitchen. Their flagship 30 inch slide-in range comes with all the bells and whistles including powerful convection technology and full-extension telescopic racks. Another great addition is the QuietClose door technology with dampened hinges which allows you to quietly close the door. This cutting edge technology ensures you won't slam the oven door ever again!

Frigidaire - FGEF3058RF - Frigidaire's Gallery series prides itself on providing high-quality, high-efficiency appliances in all of the major categories. This model features powerful and effortless convection for even, thoroughly cooked results every time. The cooktop employs SpaceWise expandable elements which open up the cooktop cooking possibilities tenfold. Finally, the Effortless Temperature Probe with Auto Keep Warm allows you to set your desired temperature and will alert you when it is reached. The oven holds that temperature before switching to the "keep warm" settings for optimal results!


Dacor - DYRP48DSNGH - Dacor has long been on the cutting edge of cooking technology and their latest 48 inch slide-in range continues to push the envelope. This dual fuel range is equipped with endlessly convenient features including advanced SimmerSear burners capable of perfect high-heat searing and ultra-low temperatures for simmering and melting. You'll also find the state-of-the-art TiltVue Panel which offers precise and clear control over all cooking functions. This panel tilts out at an angle for a convenient view of the oven features.

Miele HR1934DF

Miele - HR1934DF - Miele has a reputation for high-quality appliances and this 36 inch freestanding range maintains that standard. Enjoy the easy to use automatic MasterChef programs that are pre-programmed with 100s of cooking functions to handle all your favorite recipes! Additionally, this model is equipped with TwinPower convection fans that provide rapid preheating, optimal hot air distribution, and fantastic cooking/baking results every time!

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