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Anatomy of Appliances - Dryers

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In this episode of our popular series, Anatomy of Appliances, we will delve into the various elements which constitute a modern clothes dryer. Typically, dryers are available as electric or gas models and are vented but recently, ventless dryers have become popular. Appliances Connection offers modern appliances in every major category and works to keep you informed with the latest trends and tips from the industry. Also, having an extensive understanding of the inner workings of your appliances can be beneficial when determining if repairs, replacements, or purchases are appropriate. Below we will outline the different components of a dryer and their purposes. Be sure to explore the other chapters of this series, all found in the Learning Center on AppliancesConnection.com!

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Control Panel

Exhaust Vent/Duct


Lint Trap

Drum Support Roller

Heat Element

Drive Motor

Blower Fan

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Ball and Hitch Bearings - Ball attached to dryer sits inside a bearing. The bearing supports the drum and allows it to spin with minimal resistance or friction.

Baffles - Located in the drum, these paddles help tumble clothes in a random, balanced pattern to dry more thoroughly.

Blower - Pulls cool dry air in to be circulated around the laundry and draws hot, damp air out through the vents. Controls the entire air flow process.

Door Strike and Catch - Keeps the door from opening until it's manually opened.

Door Switch - Monitors door being open or closed and prevents operation until the door is shut.

Drive Belt - Wraps around the drum and connects to the motor to rotate the dryer drum.

Drive Motor - Rotates the pulley system to rotate the dryer drum. Also powers the blower fan to exhaust hot, damp air.

Drum - Cylindrical metal container with one open end, one perforated end, and solid sides. Rotates during cycle to circulate air.

Drum Glide Bearing - Plastic bearing on the front of the dryer that allows the drum to move without resistance while in operation.

Drum Support Rollers - Holds the drum in place in the cabinet while the dryer is being used.

Electronic Control Board - Circuit board that controls the timing and functions of the dryer. Sends power to motor and other components. Also senses temperature in the dryer to maintain appropriate settings.

Exhaust Duct/Vent - Ventilation for the dryer, sends warm, damp air to the outside.

Felt Drum Seal - Gasket on the front and back of the dryer drum that prevents air from leaking. Also allows the drum to move smoothly.

Flame Sensor - Detects when the igniter is hot enough to light the burners in a gas-powered dryer.

Gas Valve Coil - Solenoid gas coils that open for ignition and heat the gas dryer.

Heater Relay - Controls the heating element or gas burners in the dryer.

Heating Element - A coil or wire that produces heat to dry clothing.

High-Limit Safety Thermostat - Shuts off the heat when the dryer overheats. Resets when the dryer cools back down.

Idler Pulley - Puts pressure on the drive belt to grip the dryer drum and rotate during a drying cycle.

Igniter - Lights the burner when the gas valves open in a gas dryer, providing heat to dryer.

Lint Trap - Collects lint particles from laundry during a cycle, usually located on the door.

Operating Thermostat - Senses air temperature inside the dryer during a cycle. Cycles the heating element or burner to maintain the appropriate temperatures.

Thermal Cut-Off Fuse - Safety mechanism that shuts off power to the heating elements in the event of the dryer overheating.

Thermistor - Temperature sensor located in the blower fan housing.

Timer - Used to set drying times.

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Below we will explore some of the stand-out dryer models available every day at Appliances Connection. These models feature advanced versions of some of the common components listed above.

LG - DLGX7701WE - LG has always been a veritable leader of the pack when it comes to their comprehensive line of major appliances. This 29" front-loading gas dryer brings top-tier drying technology and convenient features to your home. The EasyLoad doors open either vertically or horizontally to make loading the dryer a simple task. LG's patented EasyIron feature utilizes powerful steam technology to spread out moisture evenly and provides optimal conditions for ironing your clothes. Additionally, the true steam reduces static electricity during the final moments of drying!

Whirlpool - WED92HEFW - Whirlpool is a staple of the modern appliance industry with impressive machines in nearly every major category. Their latest 27" front-loading electric dryer provides unmatched drying capabilities and convenient features galore. The EcoBoost option uses less energy while still providing top-notch drying by using less heat and longer cycle times. With this dryer, you'll also enjoy the stainless-steel dryer drum with Quad Baffles. The balanced tumbling provided by the Quad Baffles increases dryer effectiveness by opening clothing items and drying more evenly!

Maytag - MGDB955FW - Maytag has been a household name for quite some time and for good reason, too. Maytag's latest 29" front-loading gas dryer features a large capacity drum and plenty of features to catch your eye. The PowerDry system makes quick work of even the largest loads. With optimal heat settings and efficient airflow, you'll enjoy an even and thorough drying cycle every time. The benefits of the Advanced Moisture Sensing system are undeniable. The high-tech sensors keep a close eye on air temperatures and moisture levels and adjust cycle settings accordingly. When PowerDry and Advance Moisture sensors are paired, you are left with a top-tier drying cycle!

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