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An In-Depth Look at Viking Dishwashers

An In-Depth Look at Viking Dishwashers

If you've been searching for the best dishwasher, then no doubt you've been looking at Viking brand dishwashers, and for good reason. There are a number of Viking-exclusive features that stand out, such as Turbo Fan drying, Quiet Clean, Smart Size rack systems, the Viking LCD control panel, an internal water softener system, and so much more.

Viking dishwashers offer plenty of space, they're ENERGY STAR-rated, and have a competitive price point. Here at Appliances Connections, we offer a number of Viking dishwashers to choose from, and in this post we're going to explore the top five models, putting you well on your way to the Viking dishwasher that's just right for your kitchen.

With stunning good looks, reliable and efficient design, and professional-grade operation, when you buy from us, you can be sure that you're getting the ultimate in kitchen performance and overall usability. So, let's get started.

Viking FDW301WS

Viking FDW301WS

This 24" Viking dishwasher has it all, with three wash arms and triple filtration system, you're guaranteed spotless washing and superior functionality. What makes this Viking so smart is that it can sense the soil level of your dishes and act accordingly, thanks to its turbidity sensor.

Quiet Clean insulation means that your kitchen is always tranquil, even when you have a load of dishes going.

This model offers all the standard features that make Viking stand out from the rest, such as Turbo Fan drying which circulates air for efficient drying performance, Smart Size rack to accommodate larger cutlery and utensils, as well as a two position adjustable upper rack which makes it easy to load taller glasses.

All in all, this is a classic dishwasher that can definitely suit your needs, from the brand name that you trust.

Viking FDW103

Viking FDW103

Interested in room for fourteen place settings and a triple filtration system? Then this Viking model is for you. It comes with a one-piece silverware and cutlery basket, the traditional Viking screen with remaining time indicator, as well as ENERGY STAR qualification.

The 103 Series is famous for providing spotless dishes using three wash arms. Like other Viking models, it senses the soil level of your dishes and uses just the right amount of water to get the job done.

Quiet and with dependable operation, this dishwasher comes panel ready for the ultimate in customization. Our Viking FDW103 always brings a smile to our customers' faces.

Viking VDW302SS

Viking VDW302SS

Viking's renowned 300 Series offers the same spotless cleaning and energy efficiency as the other top-rated models. It features Turbo Fan drying, triple filtration, and a Smart Size rack.

The dishwasher also features a cutlery basket and advanced Delay start, so you can set the dishwasher to begin when the moment is right. This dishwasher comes with a stainless steel panel making it ideal for a modern, sophisticated look that fully integrates into your kitchen.

Viking RVDW103SS

Viking RVDW103SS

Here is another 24" dishwasher from Viking that is Energy Star rated. The built-in design allows this Viking to perfectly integrate into your kitchen, and it features enough room for fourteen full place settings.

Enjoy traditional features such as the Turbo Fan drying and Smart Size rack. We offer this dishwasher with a two-position adjustable upper rack that allows you to easily load larger glasses, and you can also enjoy the multi-level Power Wash with variable pressure.

Viking is known for its innovative LCD control panels, and this model has one of the best, allowing you to easily view the cycle/option selection, as well as the remaining time on the wash. This product also features an interior LED light and cycle run floor indicator light.

Viking FDW302

Viking FDW302 Tuscany
Viking FDW302 Pro

This 24" custom panel dishwasher fully integrates into your kitchen and has all the remarkable features that make Viking the best of the best. This powerful appliance gives you spotless dishes and flexibility, thanks to the three versatile dish racks.

Quiet Clean means that you get near-silent operation that never steals the show. With the help of adjustable racks and stemware cradles, the dishwasher can accommodate fourteen place settings with ease.

Choose the panel that suits your style and watch your kitchen come to life with the arrival of its newest edition Viking dishwasher. Choose between Tuscany, Professional, or enlist the talents of a cabinet maker for custom panels, and make your kitchen truly your own. This Viking offers the ultimate experience in versatility, performance, and innovation. A definite crowd favorite.

Appliances Connection: Your Destination for Viking Dishwashers

As you can see, Viking is the leader in custom appliances for a reason. All these Viking models share much in common, but the subtle differences make it worth your while to do a bit more investigation. No matter what Viking model you choose, you can be sure that from purchase to installation, you're guaranteed a smooth process when you go with Appliances Connection.

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