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The ACME Versailles Series: Alternative Design from a Bygone Era

The ACME Versailles Series: Alternative Design from a Bygone Era

The lexicon of current furniture design includes terms such as "clean lines," "simplicity," and "unassuming." ACME furniture seeks to subvert these notions with their Versailles collection. Their aim is to invite you to another age when luxury was defined by extravagant affectation. Let's first explore a living room where what was old is new again with a three-piece set which consists of a sofa, loveseat, and a living room chair.

Your centerpiece will be the rich dark brown sofa with glossy leather upholstery. Though it looks staid enough to entertain minor royalty, it is also supremely comfortable for late afternoon lounging. Adding to the coziness, the sofa includes five plush pillows into which you can just sink. The backing's split leather is also coated in polyurethane for a uniform shine and easy cleaning with a damp cloth. Its resplendent appearance, however, will prevent you from wanting to mar it in the first place.

521003PC ACME Versailles 3PC Living Room Set

Complementing the sofa is an equally lustrous loveseat which veritably invites you to intimate conversation. Its sweeping arms and undulating back make it a lovely place to linger. Finally, the set is rounded out by a well-appointed living room chair. At 41", its depth is perfect for sitting back with a cup of tea and a good book or merely surveying your stately surroundings like a contemplative noble.

21103 ACME Versailles Nighstand 21104 ACME Versailles Mirror 21105 ACME Versailles Dresser

Your living room's regal air will be reinforced by flourishes consistent throughout the set. Button tufting provides peaks and valleys of back support while lending a distinguished and almost academic aesthetic. Piped stitching defines the edges of the furniture signifying superior workmanship. Nailhead accents give you the feeling of being in the court of Louis XIV as suggested by the collection's namesake. The carved detailing in the scrolled legs and headpieces will leave you speculating as to who could have crafted something so ornate.

Moving on to the bedroom, think about how you'd like your day to begin. What would you like in your field of vision as you wake up in the morning? I can think of nothing better than the decadence presented by a Versailles six-piece bedroom set that comprises of a bed, nightstand, mirror/dresser combo, chest of drawers, and a bench.

21097EK6PC ACME Versailles 6PC Bedroom Set

The bed in this set is an eastern king size sleigh (also available in California king and queen sizes). It is a sumptuous addition to a bedroom that harmonizes elaborate styling with functionality. The tall, cushioned headboard makes for a majestic halo as you pull yourself up from slumber, rest your back, and engage in a morning stretch. When you get out of bed, at its base is the matching bench which can serve as a place of reflection as you meditate on the day’s coming events.

Though ready to seize the day, you'll not merely whisk your clothes and personal effects from their places in the dresser and nightstand. Your eyes will marvel at lavish carved illuminations on the russet cherry oak and your hands will grasp appreciatively at the sturdy craftsmanship of copper handles. Before leaving the room, take the chance to admire yourself in the beveled mirror framed in more . This day will be no match for you and, at its end, you’ll return to this bedroom. It will welcome you back and provide you with as much respite to decompress in the evening as it invigorated you in the morning.

21103 ACME Versailles Nighstand 21104 ACME Versailles Mirror 21105 ACME Versailles Dresser

Contrary to the sterility of most offerings in the realm of modern furniture, ACME's Versailles collection appeals to more baroque sensibilities. It indulges the fancies of those longing for more refined luxuries. Any space adorned by it will radiate consummate sophistication. After this taste, you may wish to festoon your entire home in such a manner. Feast your eyes on the full range of the Versailles series available at Appliances Connection here.

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