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Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven Sauna in operation and located in Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia for nearly 40 years. Their specialty is crafting authentic saunas in the Finnish tradition using only the best in high-grade softwoods and stainless-steel hardware. Each Sauna is crafted by experienced artisans who do much of the work by hand to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Almost Heaven Sauna started from building barrel saunas and have now since expanded to indoor saunas. Not only do they take care in creating the sauna, but they also focus on designing the heart of the sauna itself - the heater. Every sauna that Almost Heaven Sauna makes are shipped with an exceptional heater from the best heater experts.

Each sauna features minimal fasteners, and they’re placed in such a way that you’re not in danger of brushing up against them and burning yourself. The heaters are equipped with a temperature control and an automatic shut-off timer — an important safety feature. Whether it is an indoor sauna or an outdoor sauna, an Almost Heaven Sauna is a good way to bring distinction to your space. The lumber is attractive, the design is pleasing, and placement convenient - almost everything you can imagine a sauna to be, Almost Heaven Sauna provides.

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