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Allan Copley Designs Furniture

Fashion isn't just about clothes anymore. Fashion-forward furniture can transform any home into a stylish wonderland of chic elegance, and Allan Copley Designs is at the forefront of the fashion furniture revolution. A division of D'Style, Inc, Allan Copley Designs is an industry leader on home and occasional furniture, offering astonishing and modern designs in both wood and metal. Powered by award-winning and globally-recognized designers like Dean Maltz and Michael Wolk among others, Allan Copley Designs offers arresting furniture styles that are both modern and timeless, bridging old and new in exciting ways that will challenge traditional decorating wisdom.

Allan Copley Designs has developed remarkable manufacturing techniques that ensure that every piece that comes out of their factory is of the absolute highest quality while still maintaining competitive pricing. That means that world-class design is in reach of everyone at every price point; Allan Copley Designs wants to furnish the world. And with their unparalleled flexibility in upholstery and finishes, every piece is specially made to fit your home exactly the way you want it to. That's the Allan Copley Designs guarantee.

So whatever your style, however your home is put together, Allan Copley Designs has the furniture that can transform any space into something truly special. It's that dedication to originality and quality in design and manufacture that has earned Allan Copley Designs their place in our carefully curated catalog of remarkable things.

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