Since 1977, Alfa has been manufacturing domestic and professional grade wood and gas fired pizza ovens, fireplaces and refractory bricks at their headquarters in the ancient town of Anagni, Italy north of Naples - the birthplace of pizza.

Alfa was founded by two cousins hailing from the south of Italy who got together to build a wood fired oven for their festive backyard parties, with the aim of creating an oven that looked as good as it cooked. Ever since, they have been innovating from that original "Tradizionale" design, keeping up with the latest technologies with the help of their families who have taken roles in every aspect of the business. All of their products are crafted by skilled artisans to help people all over the world create their own pizza just as they want it.

Some of the features you will find in these powerful pizza ovens include oven floors made of interchangeable firebricks that store heat and transmit it to food during cooking, which are aided by an interior layer of ceramic fiber insulation to help retain heat longer. The stainless-steel construction ensures a long working life. A pyrometer measures the temperature of the cooking chamber to avoid overcooking, while ergonomic wood handles make opening and closing the cooking chamber all but effortless. These ovens are available in a wide array of sizes from single pizza ovens to models capable of cooking four to five pizzas at once. And best of all, these units are all approved for outdoor use, so you can add a whole new dimension of delicious to your next cookout.

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