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History of Air Conditioners

History of Air Conditioner

Have you ever thought about enduring the hot summer days without owning an air conditioner? Most likely not. Air conditioner has become part of our comfortable life, without it we would most likely lose our comfort zone during one of the humid summer days.The air conditioners is not an old inventions, however in short time Air Conditioners have become a popular and necessary appliances of the day.

History of the Microwave

The idea of air conditioning began emerging in ancient Egypt when they hung moistened plants from windows or doorways to allow the wind to keep the area cool. However, later on Ancient Rome and Medieval Persia also adapted these ideas and eventually invented the rotary fans. We usually take air conditioner for granted but can you imagine living live without one? Especially in those era?

First Cooling System

Throughout the years many people have released various information and did studies regarding the side effects of hot and humid temperature on human body. Which made them realize the importance of cooler temperature during hot summer days. In 1881, the engineers created a box with a melting ice in it. For this ice box to work, they tend to place a fan next to melting ice so it will blow the cold air to the aimed direction. This process only droplet the temperature by 20 Fahrenheit. The negative thing that many pointed out about this process, is the fact that it required large amount of ice.

a man dealing with ice


However, in 1902 first electrical air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier when he visited a Brooklyn publishing company where he noticed that excessive humidity affected the printing process Willis Carrier was determined to create something that cools the temperature. Since, he Willis Carrier knew so much about heating of objects with steam, he was easily able to cooling machine. Carrier, started sending air through cold coils by using the cold water and was successful to cool down the air of the room. This invention also controlled the humidity of the room and created safe and comfortable zone for everyone. First, Carrier’s invention was used in business offices and workplaces, however they started using to improve the comfort of homes and automobiles.

Air Conditioner

1906 and 1945

Now that air conditioners that cools and controls the humidity of the air were easily accessible, Stuart W. Cramer wanted to find out the ways to add moisture to the air in his textile mill. To change the air and humidity in the factories, Cramer is combined moisture with ventilation and created the air conditioners. He was the first one to name air conditioners as air conditioners. In 1945, a man named Robert Sherman from Massachusetts advanced the air conditioners by introducing portable, in-window air conditioners that cooled, heated, humidified and dehumidified the air to the market.

A woman sitting in a room with air contioner

The Present Day

The creation of the first air conditioners have improved the quality of life and productivity of the workers. However, the conditioners that we have today are not only full of features, but also they are very safe and does not hurt the environment as much as it did with the older models. Current Air Conditioners come in different sizes with various settings. For instance, whether you want it window or wall conditioner, portable or mini-split air conditioner, Air Conditioner manufacturers have manufactured all you need. They also come with features like, heating, smart appliances and Wi-Fi, remote control, air filters. You definitely should never be worrying about your safety and security since, most current Air Conditioners are UL listed for safe Operation and most power cords are leakage protected. At the same time, current air conditioners are made to last you for a very long period of time. Current most air conditioners have rotary compressors that provide quiet and dependable performance, and dense blower insulation that blocks outdoor noise.

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