AppliancesConnection Offers

AppliancesConnection is a Value-Added company, meaning we are not just giving customers great deals, but we are offering them First-Class Service. Anyone can sell a product, but not everyone has the capability of offering a full suite of delivery and installation services. Our reviews speak for themselves; Customers are thankful for all of the service that we provide them. Full suite of products covering your entire household for a one stop shopping experience.

Services Offered By AppliancesConnection:

  • Delivery made by AppliancesConnection in the Northeast Region.
  • In-Home Delivery Standard on all major item deliveries.
  • White Glove Delivery available in most areas.
  • All items are opened and inspected at the time of delivery.
  • Installation services offered for all major appliances.
  • Removal of old appliance.
  • Friendly and helpful Customer Service.
  • Fully transparent site which walks customer through the entire purchase and delivery cycle.
  • Kitchen Design Team
  • Cabinetry provided by Scavolini, a top cabinet designer.

The key to any successful relationship is communication. If you are already partnered with us, you are aware that we are very receptive to all communications sent by the vendor and take immediate action where appropriate. Furthermore, all vendors receive a single point of contact, which helps to build working relationships.

  • All vendors receive a dedicated brand page on our site showcasing the top items and categories.
  • Branded keywords used in marketing strategies to help funnel customers looking specifically for your products.
  • Email outreach campaigns for newly on-boarded brands, branded sales promotions and seasonal Holidays.
  • Full compliance of all policies and procedures, including MAP, UMRP and territory restricted product.
  • Full exposure to all of our markets and reaches.
  • AppliancesConnection is not only a huge online presence, but backed by a state of the art retail facility located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.
Rewards Program

Each time a customer places an order, they are rewarded with points. Points can be used for future purchases on select items. Points can be earned in other ways, such as writing a product review, sharing on a social media site or liking us on Facebook.

AppliancesConnection Blog

AppliancesConnection is not just about getting the sales. We are about building a community. When people come to our site, they are provided with knowledgeable and helpful information. We provide customers not only the ease and peace of mind during the order process, but during the maintenance and upkeep of the product as well.

Email Marketing

In addition to PPC, SEM, SEO and Display advertising, AppliancesConnection focuses heavily on its Email Marketing Campaign. Have a message or promotion that you want to reach the most people? No problem. Our current subscriber list is over 1.3 million users, with more and more users subscribing daily.

Filtered Search not only caters to people looking for specific products, but we make the site easy to use for any part of the research funnel. Filtered search results help the customer get to the right product in a matter of a few clicks.

Still need help? AppliancesConnection offers buying guides to help educate the consumer about the products they are looking to buy so that they can make an informative decision when making a purchase.

Order Status Emails

Transparency is the key to keeping the customer happy. They want to feel comfortable that they are updated at every step of the way. Our 5 Step Order Cycle helps keep the customer in the know about their order, and not in the dark. Even after receiving your tracking number, we are informing customers of what to expect at the time of delivery and what should happen if their item arrives damaged or defective.

Series Page

Not only are we providing each manufacturer with a branded store on our site, but we are offering exclusive content for each callout feature and collection. These content pages help consumers easily find and purchase matching item so there is no guess if the colors will match of if the styles will go together. Since adding such content, sales have spiked by nearly 20% and more content is being added daily.

Easy Way To Shop

Everyone has the same rebates provided by the manufacturer, but how do they go to market with them? Customers have a hard time maximizing savings from rebates because they do not see all of the information on a single page.

AppliancesConnection has solved that problem by offering a Rebate Package. All items associated with the rebate are placed on a single page where a customer can filter by color, type or size to pinpoint the perfect items for their house, all while our sophisticated algorithm tells them how much they will be getting back in rebates. These pages provide customers with a sense of relief because we have taken all of the guesswork out of buying a new kitchen.