A Look at the Maytag MEW9630FZ 30" Electric Double Wall Oven

A Look at the Maytag MEW9630FB 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven

When it comes to cooking with an oven, temperature is everything. Getting a consistent, even temperature is essential to the flavor of your oven recipes. In this article, we'll look at the MEW9630FZ 30" Electric Double Wall Oven from Maytag and its fantastic temperature-control features.

Why Buy a Double Wall Oven?

There are three kinds of cooking that can be done in the oven: roasting, broiling and baking. Each type of cooking requires different heat settings and time durations. One major benefit to having a double wall oven is you can set each compartment to do a different kind of cooking.

Maytag MEW9630FB Double Wall Oven

Another benefit of a double wall oven is that when cooking different flavors and odors don't mix. Do you want to roast a salmon and bake a chocolate cake at the same time? If you have just one oven compartment, you can't (unless you don't mind a salmon-scented cake!).

In addition to these benefits, the Maytag MEW9630FB has a few other cool features that ensure that you cooking temperature is just right.

Power Preheat

Preheating your oven, or getting it up to the right temperature before you start cooking, is important. It ensures that your dish will cook evenly and thoroughly. The annoying part is that some ovens just take forever to preheat.

This oven has a Power Preheat system. This feature cuts down on cooking time by using all heating elements in tandem with the convection fan, ensuring that the oven gets up to an even temperature quickly.

True Convection

The Maytag MEW9630FZ's convection system consists of three heating elements and a fan. This ensures that there will be no "cold spots" in your oven. When you have consistent heating through, you can get that chicken nice and juicy and that pie crust light and flaky. There's no worrying about burning the outside of a dish while the inside is frozen!

Maytag MEW9630FB Convection

Precision Cooking™ System

The difference between roasting and baking comes down to temperature and cooking time. For example, roasting is done with a diffused, dry heat for extended periods of time. Think about how long takes to get a roast beef just right. Maytag's precision cooking system ensures that the oven will deliver a consistent temperature for the entire cooking duration.

Maytag MEW9630FB Roasting
Maytag MEW9630FB Baking

Baking is done at lower temperatures for short to moderate amount of time. Baking also takes a lot more precision than roasting. To get that perfectly baked pie with a flaky crust or aromatic, steamy bread, then you better have that oven set to the right temperature. And Maytag's Precision Cooking System helps you do just that.

Variable Broil

As opposed to roasting or baking, broiling is super-hot and super quick. You broil when you want to get that cheese on top of your casserole or Philly cheesesteak sandwich nice and bubbly. To broil correctly, the oven needs to deliver a high amount of heat to a concentrated area close to the upper heating element. This oven's variable broil element does just that.

Maytag MEW9630FB Variable Broil
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