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A Look at Friedrich Air Conditioners - Luxury and Toughness in HVAC

Luxury and Toughness in HVAC - A Look at Friedrich Air Conditioners

Hot summer weather is coming soon. Are you ready? Is your air conditioner ready? One of the absolute best ways you can get ready for summer is to make sure you're prepared with an air conditioner that lets you luxuriate in comfort even on the most sweltering days.

Because Friedrich offers an array of options in all of their models, you're sure to find the best air conditioner for your summer cooling needs.

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Friedrich - A Top-Tier HVAC Company

Friedrich is a company that focuses on finding the best air conditioning solution for every customer. Need a window air conditioner? No problem. Need a wall air conditioner? No problem. One room or whole house? No problem.

Friedrich specializes in only making air conditioners and they're seen as a leader in the HVAC market. They are continually innovating new and improved air conditioning technologies.

Friedrich WE12D33

Friedrich WE12D33

Have thicker walls? This Wall Master Series unit is a top choice when replacing older air conditioners when side fins don't fit. This dual model offers 12,000 BTUs of cooling in the summer, and a 230-volt electric heater for keeping warm in the winter. Made for 27" sleeves and mounts flush for a smooth appearance.

  • Remote control
  • Smart Fan. Sets fan speed to sustain chosen temperature
  • Money Saver® setting. Switches between fan and compressor, making it extremely energy efficient
  • Rotary compressor. Provides quiet, dependable performance
  • Dense blower insulation. Blocks outdoor noise
  • High tech fins. Increases energy efficiency by increasing surface area for heat exchange

Friedrich YM18N34B

Friedrich YM18N34B

Even though this puts out an amazing 17,500 BTUs, and can heat and cool rooms up to 1,000 sq ft, this 26" Kuhl Series model is extremely energy efficient. Friedrich Link gives you control, allowing you to program the unit from your smartphone, computer or tablet for up to 7 days. A perfect choice for those looking for convenience.

  • Auto-Changeover. Automatically switches between cooling and heating
  • Comfortwatch Technology. Maintains temperature automatically by sampling ambient air temperature
  • Energy Star rated. The electric heater mode uses a third less energy than in comparable models
  • Commercial grade fan motor. Runs at a lower temperature to extend its lifespan
  • Sound Reduction Technology. Extra thick rubber grommets reduce indoor noise
  • Slide-out chassis design. Firm grip handles allow for easy installation and maintenance
  • Advanced dual-stage carbon superior filtration system. Gets rid of any allergens and odors for a healthier indoor environment
  • Auto Fan mode. Conserves energy = saves money

Friedrich SH24N20

Friedrich SH24N20

Need an air conditioner that can withstand extreme temperatures? This , capable of up to 24,000 BTUs is ideal for items that need temperature-controlled cooling, like flammable liquid storage. This 26" Hazardgard Series air conditioner can be installed in a window or wall.

  • ElectroFin. Special coating resists corrosion; rated as having outstanding chemical resistance
  • Hermetically Sealed Reciprocating Compressor. Allows protection from outdoor temperature's up to 130℉
  • Hot Gas Bypass. Allows protection from outdoor temperature's as low as 45℉
  • Commercial Grade, Enclosed Fan Motor.
  • Powder Coated. Protects the unit from corrosion
  • High Density EPS Foam Insulation. Guarantees thermal resistance and sound control
  • T4 Temperature Classification
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