The 7 Questions You Must Ask When Purchasing A Dishwasher


One of the first questions I'll ask a client is whether they plan to panel their dishwasher to match the cabinetry or if they plan to keep it, as is, directly from the factory, says Appliances Connection Designer, Sophie Todd. The reason for that question is two-fold, she says, with the first being a matter of aesthetics. After all, the dishwasher may not be the prettiest appliance in the kitchen will the color (usually black, white or stainless steel) stand out from the rest of the kitchen like the old sore thumb?

The other reason addresses functionality. Will the dishwasher be flush with the rest of the kitchen, or will the pull-down door of a standard block doorways or knock into the kitchen island? If so, she says, you may want to consider a drawer model or hybrid, which is a combination of standard and drawer. Here are 6 more questions you should ask about your potential new dishwasher, says Sara Wolf, an account manager with Appliances Connection.

Six Must Have Features

Features Make All the Difference in How it Runs

Delayed Start

Is it noisy or quiet? Some dishwashers can start out so quiet it can be difficult to tell if they're even on; then, when it gets going it sounds like a helicopter is landing! Some dishwasher models attach pumps and motors to the tub, which can make them less quiet, and some attach them to the base, which makes them more quiet. Know the difference, and ask. If noise really, really bothers you, also think about a DelayedStart feature, so you can load it, then time it to run when you're out of the kitchen and earshot.

Water Filter

Will my dishes be sparkling clean and germ-free? If you're asking that question, you'll definitely want the Water Filter feature, because it keeps dirty food particles from being splashed back on. Also look for cycles, such as "pots and pans", one allows for a longer, heated wash, or heated wash or sanitize.

Food Disposer

Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes to be sure theres no leftover food? No! Some foods stick more than others, such as oatmeal, rice or spinach, so if you think stuck-on food can be a problem, opt for the Food Disposer feature to make sure the food gets pulverized and goes down the drain. For extra assurance, youll REALLY want that water filter feature. Just be sure to clean the filters regularly so your dishwasher never smells.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

How do I make sure my dishes dont come out streaked? Make sure your dishwasher has the Rinse Aid Dispenser. That way, you can fill it with a rinse aid (Cascade and Finish are two brand names.) Rinse aids are really more about drying than rinsing because they help remove water from the dishes and flatware.

Fully Integrated or Console Control

What is a fully integrated dishwasher? A fully integrated dishwasher has the controls built-in to the top of the door; when its closed, all youll see is the door and the handle. The other standard dishwasher model is the console, which has the control display located right on the door so youll always see it.

Electronic Controls

Will I have trouble keeping the dishwasher clean? Well, if youre even asking that question, you should probably opt for electronic controls. Electronic controls are flat so theyre easy to clean. Push button knob controls, on the other hand, do tend to collect soil and there can be a lot of scrubbing around and under the knobs.

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