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36 Inch Freestanding Gas Ranges: Bertazzoni vs. Dacor vs. Tecnogas Superiore

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When choosing a range, you have to pay attention to every little detail. It is especially important to consider the elements, cooktops, oven, and every other feature that they offer. You must know exactly how they function to fully understand how to use it. I think gas is the most convenient type of fuel to use for ranges because it is readily available, cheap and precise. In this article I will go over the pros and cons of 36 inch freestanding gas ranges from three different brands: Dacor Renaissance, Bertazzoni and Tecnogas Superiore.


dacor oven


This 36 inch freestanding gas range from Dacor Renaissance comes with a sealed cooktop and 5.4 cubic feet oven capacity. It has a large viewing window which allows you to check up on your food without having to open the oven. The stainless steel finish of this appliance will make sure it fits in with any type of kitchen cabinets that you have. Unlike Bertazzoni's ranges, this range has an ordinary look without much detail to it. Even though the price difference between Bertazzoni and Dacor range is not that high, the Bertazzoni model does look much fancier. However, if you are looking for something that is simple yet, elegant and beautiful, I would highly recommend you go for Dacor's 36 inch freestanding gas range.

On the other hand, Bertazzoni's 36 inch freestanding gas range from their Heritage Series is also around the same price as Dacor Renaissance. However, Bertazzoni's model has a completely different feel to it. It has four obvious leg supports that add an elegant and traditional look to it. on the Dacor Renaissance model the legs are almost impossible to see. This model comes with a sealed cooktop and 4.4 cubic feet oven capacity which is bit smaller than Dacor's model. However, it is still spacious enough to bake a 30 lbs. turkey in it without breaking it to pieces. It also has a storage drawer where you can store pans and pots.

Bertazzoni burner

Burners: Dacor burners also have a two layered design where the three are heat in the center and around the burners. This model also has six burners where each one of them has a different heat level. For instance, two burners have 800 to 18,500 BTUs, two sealed burners have 15,000 BTU, and the other two sealed burners are 9,500 BTU.

Burners: Bertazzoni burners are capable of four different levels of heat. Three of the burners are 6500 semi-rapid burners, one is a 11000 BTU rapid burner, one is a 18000 BTU dual work burner and the last is a 3400 BTU auxiliary burner. The fascinating thing about these burners is the design that allows heat to travel evenly from inside out, as the high efficiency burners bring the flame closer to the pot to cook.

Dacor oven
Bertazzoni Oven

The Oven: The oven has a three-part convection system with fan, air baffle and convection filter and four cooking modes, convection bake, convection broil, bake, and broil. The oven has three chrome racks adjustable to six racks positions. Also, removable racks provide easy cleaning.

The oven: The oven includes a telescopic glide shelf with soft motion door hinges that prevent slams, dropping and bounce-back. The special multi-layer glass door ensures minimal heat loss and safe outer surface temperature. Also, the oven has a full-width infrared broiler that provides even heat over a large surface area as the convection fans distribute the heat evenly throughout the oven.

Dacor Knobs
Bertazzoni Knobs

Knobs: The range features dacor's famous illumine burner controls which lights up the knobs to indicate if the burner is on or not.

Knobs: the knobs are made of solid metal that will last you for a long period of time. Bertazzoni knobs have a very unique round design which helps them to stand out from the rest of brands

tecnogas superiore

The Tecnogas Superiore range is the cheaper alternative to the two mentioned above. So, if you are looking for something with similar features to the two ranges above at a lower price point, this is the one to chose. The final model is this Tecnogas Superiore 36 Inch Freestanding Gas Range which is so much cheaper compared to the two other brands that I mentioned earlier. However, Tecnogas Superiore's 36 inch freestanding gas range offers all the great features that the other two ranges do. With 6.7 cubic feet oven capacity, this range wins the title of a giant. The significant features about this range are the Easy-to-Clean Oven Enamel finish and fully extractable slide shelves that allows for easy access to baking pans. I personally think that this range is the most convenient and space saving range that has ever been created. It is perfect for a large household with a small kitchen. It is affordable, and it is space saving; in other words it is perfect.

tecnogas superiore
tecnogas burner

Burners: Tecnogas Superiore 36 Inch Freestanding Gas Range has six sealed burners constructed out of brass for durability. Also, completely sealed burners contain spills and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. This range also features an electric griddle to cook breakfast foods, grill sandwiches or to sauté vegetables.

tecnogas oven

The Oven: The giant oven features a convection fan that helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven. This range has a panorama oven door which means that it has an unmistakable and unique high-tech appeal. The completely clear glass and two powerful halogen lights will allow you to check on your food without having to open the oven door.

tecnogas burner

Knobs: Just like two other ranges we have mentioned, this range also has unique knobs that will help them to stand out from the rest of the ranges.

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