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30" Professional Gas Ranges - Top 5 for 2019

30 Inch Professional Gas Ranges - Top 5 for 2019

Choosing a professional style gas range can be a complex affair. They can have a dizzying array of options that you may not even know if you'll use. They can be hulking behemoths of appliances tailored for grand kitchens. Finally, and to some most importantly, they can be quite a bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill range. However, to a discerning and involved cook, a professional style gas ranges is an indispensable tool for whipping up your most ambitious and delicious culinary creations. Let's take a look at the five best 30" professional style gas ranges that make the wisest use of your kitchen space and your budget.

Samsung NX58K9850SS 30" Smart Slide-in Gas Range

Samsung NX58K9850SS 30 Inch Smart Slide-in Gas Range

Samsung NX58K9850SS FlexDuo

Samsung NX58K9850SS Smart

Samsung has long prided itself on being an innovation leader throughout its vast array of appliances. This particular offering in gas ranges shows that it can be a jack of all trades and master every single one of them. It has a massive 5.8 cu ft total oven capacity that can be deftly divided into a double oven with the FlexDuo divider. Both ovens utilize Flex Duo convection fans making both equally capable. Each compartment, if use simultaneously, is discretely separated so you can broil salmon in one and bake cookies in the other with absolutely no flavor or odor transfer. The five burners on the cooktop range in maximum power from 5000 BTUs to 22000 BTUs so they can handle any cooking task from gently melting butter without scorching to searing a porterhouse steak and sealing in flavor. Samsung's aforementioned innovation is in full force with a suite wi-fi connectivity features. Using an app on either iPhone or Android, you can receive up to the minute alerts about your cooking, control the oven, or monitor the burner status on the cooktop from virtually anywhere.

BlueStar BSP304B Platinum Series 30" Freestanding Gas Range

BlueStar BSP304B Platinum Series 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

BlueStar BSP304B Griddle

BlueStar BSP304B Oven

When thinking of the best in American-made high-end ranges, the first name that comes to the minds of many is BlueStar. They've managed to exceed expectations with this Platinum Series range. Their distinctive open burners make an appearance here in the form of four ultra-powerful PrimaNova burners. This almost unbridled flame along with the formidable output of 25000 BTUs maximum allows for ultra-rapid boiling, but when the burner is lowered to a 130℉, you'll have the ability to simmer with unmatched control and precision. The cooktop's versatility is enhanced by the interchangeable griddle and charbroiler accessories. So easy to set up and clean, you can play the role of a veteran short-order cook in the morning, dishing out eggs and bacon, then be a grill master in the evening, preparing sizzling swordfish steaks. Just below, BlueStar introduces the revolutionary knew PowR Oven featuring a power burner located in the cavity surrounding the convection fan. This unique configuration means 40% faster pre-heating times and 30% greater efficiency. Finally, it may be common knowledge now, but one can't mention BlueStar without their custom color option. Click the link and see how far you can take your kitchen styling.

Fisher & Paykel RGV2304NN Professional Series 30" Freestanding Gas Range

Fisher Paykel RGV2304NN Burner

Fisher Paykel RGV2304NN Range

Fisher Paykel RGV2304NN Cooktop

Fisher & Paykel has been waiting in the wings, establishing themselves as the go-to brand for compact efficiency in their appliances. In the past few years, though, they’ve burst onto the luxury market in with great panache. Even their logo has foregone the callow upstart italic to assert a more imposing and confident bold. A prominent paragon of this leap into luxe is this gas range from their Professional Series. On the cooktop, their exclusive Dual Flow Burners are a must for any scrupulous cook. They can attain a precise ultra-low 140 degrees F to an intense 22,000 BTUs, eliminating the need to constantly shift pots and pans between burners even when preparing the most complex dishes. However, if you do need to move cookware on the fly, heavy duty continuous cast iron grates allow you to slide things around with ease. Moving on to the oven, you’ll find powerful true convection assist to supplement traditional cooking methods. With true convection broil, you’ll be able to make the most succulent rosemary and port sole. True convection bake will let you do everything from roasting a foie gras stuffed quail to baking decadent fruit pies in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional oven. Once done, you can easily remove your gastronomic creations from the full extension telescopic racks.

Bertazzoni PRO304GASX Professional Series 30" Freestanding Gas Range

Bertazzoni PRO304GASX Professional Series 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

Bertazzoni PRO304GASX Burner

Bertazzoni PRO304GASX Oven

Bertazzoni. Berrr. TAH. Zzoni. I'll admit, I can't say the name without affecting a caricature of an Italian accent. Then I look at this Professional Series range and all ridicule ceases. Gaze at the picture for a moment. The thing just says, "I'm serious about gastronomy". It's exactly the sort of beast any epicure wants having their back in the kitchen. Each of the stovetop's four burnished brass burners is impressive in its own right. But it's the dual ring power burner stands out as being truly exceptional. Sure, many other brands' ranges can boast the brute force of 18000 BTUs in their power burners. What makes this one unique are independently controlled inner and outer ring burners. This gives you not only high highs and low lows, but the ability to manipulate all temperatures in between with nuance. When it comes to the large-capacity European convection oven that's big enough to roast a 30 lb turkey, you might worry that even heating that space might be an issue. No concern necessary here as there is a full-width infrared broiler that provides uniform heat over any surface area. For all its daunting presence, this range does have its more tender aspects with soft motion door hinges which prevents the oven from slamming and a telescopic glide shelf that will gently slide even the heaviest casserole dishes in and out of the oven.

Thermador PRG304GH PRO Harmony Series 30" Freestanding Gas range

Thermador PRG304GH PRO Harmony Series 30 Inch Freestanding Gas range

Thermador PRG304GH Oven

Thermador PRG304GH Sauce

Rounding out this "best of" list is Thermador. Thought by many to have set the standard of professional quality in the home kitchen, in addition to having been a favorite brand of the famed Julia Child, they have a lofty pedigree. This PRO Harmony series range ticks all the boxes and more in measuring up. Their patented sealed 3-in-1 Star Burners are here, of course, with all four packing a punch with a maximum yield of 18000 BTUs. This power paired with the burners' signature profile, has helped the range surge ahead of the pack by being the fastest to bring a pot of water to boil. The two left burners have something up their sleeve, though. They introduce a new ExtraLow feature that cycles the flame on and off, maintaining temperatures as low as 100℉. Never again will you break the emulsion of a delicate Hollandaise sauce. In the oven, you'll have at your disposal 23500 bake and 20000 broil burners. The convection fan evenly distributes heat while electronic oven control ensures precise control. Whether you're trying to tackle a standing roast or a finally bake that perfect molten chocolate cake, every tool you need is provided by this oven.

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