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Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Picks | 2016 

built-in bottom-freezers

One of the biggest trends in kitchen appliances is the built-in design. It saves space and it looks beautiful. Your appliances seem to melt into your walls, and if you opt for a custom panel model, they disappear entirely. Built-ins are space savers and there's nothing more traditionally space sucking than a refrigerator. Built-in refrigerators are the answer to the stocky rectangle burning a hole in your kitchen. You can have even more space with a built-in model because its integrated into your walls and cabinetry. Open spaces and increased integration are the themes of this year and likely the proceeding years as well so get ahead of the game with these buying tips and best in show bottom-freezer refrigerator models according to us.

Viking - VCBB5363ELSS

viking bottom-freezer refrigerators

Vikings new refrigeration system is a worthy contender. A higher-end brand, Viking has been making beautiful products for a long time and recently got an engineering overhaul after their acquisition by Middleby. The new Bottom-Freezer model in the 36" width is packed with innovative features and is a spacious 20.4 cu. ft. total capacity. The most notable of which are the Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier (a trademark of Sharp Corporation), the ProChill Temperature Management System, and the Super Clog-Resistant Condenser. The Plasmacluster purifier is arguably the coolest (no pun intended... okay maybe a little intended) feature on the refrigerators. It is the same technology used to keep the air clear in the CDC and it will keep your food fresh for longer. You never need to replace it or clean itit just works, time after time. It eliminates odors, airborne bacteria and mold spores. The ProChill System has one of the quietest and most advanced compressors on the market right now. Theres digital controls and displays to give you a clear view of the temperature and humidity in the unit and the power to adjust it. The multi-channel airflow system and Odor Eliminator evaporator gets rid of excess humidity as well as odors so your food will always taste and smell like it should. Viking's condenser is clog-resistant and won't collect dust or pet dander over time. It's virtually maintenance free under normal use, in fact, the entire refrigeration system is designed to be maintenance free. If you barely have time to grocery shop, this is the system for you. It grants you piece of mind, knowing that the product will work reliably and powerfully without any extra effort from you. Viking hasn't had the best track record of late, but it's worth noting that most of the complaints are surrounding older products of products made/bought before the Middleby changes were made. Check out this blog post on all the new ways Viking has improved and see for yourselves.

Fisher Paykel - RF201ADW5

fisher and paykel bottom-freezer refrigerator

Fisher Paykels ActiveSmart Built-In Refrigerator in the generally most popular 36 width is available in three different heights; we'll be highlighting the 72" model with a 20.1 cu. ft. capacity. This refrigerator has been deigned to have as few gaps as possible to offer you continuous lines in your kitchen and uninterrupted flow. Its most notable features are the ActiveSmart Technology that sets it apart from anything else in the Fisher Paykel line-up, its adaptability, and the Humidity Control Center. The refrigerators namesake technology consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and a number of air ducts. ActiveSmart adapts to your daily use of the unit and learns how you use the refrigerator. Using this information, it can maintain the conditions and energy expenditure levels that best work for your lifestyle. The adaptability extends further in its highly customizable shelving and storage options, and the Humidity Control System, coupled with ActiveSmart, create a perfect microclimate in each produce bin so you can keep all of your food in the best condition. There are two humidity control slides that offer settings for both fruits and vegetable for optimal moisture and temperature. This model has a French-door opening style, and a bottom three-tier freezer. It doesnt have an ice maker or water dispenser which may be a deal breaker for some, but its worth noting that models with those features have a higher chance of needing repairs down the line.

Thermador - T36BB810SS

thermdor built-in refrigerator

Thermador Freedom Collection refrigerators take the customization already built-into the integrated refrigerators and kicks it up a notch. The series is designed to give you complete configuration control and offers a number of column-style choices and sizes. The collection also has a 36" Bottom-Freezer model that combines a powerful freezer and an efficient fresh food refrigerator all in one unit. The 36" model has a large 20 cu. ft. total capacity. The door's hinge is exclusive to this collection and allows for greater mobility in the flush installation and is strong enough to support a custom panel (see bottom for more on custom panels). It also has an individual compressor and evaporator for each section to keep the air separate. This grants greater temperature and humidity consistency. Speaking of increased temperature reliability, the easy-to-operate electronic controls give you the ability to control the temperature and maintain it within one degree. It has different pre-set modes and a filtered ice-maker. The SuperChill and SuperCool features do the job of a refrigerator (keeping food cool) faster than you'd expect and it's a great option.

GE Monogram - ZIC30GNHII

GE monogram built-in refrigerator

This 30" GE Monogram model has several notable features like a dual-refrigeration system, a convertible lower drawer, an eco-friendly refrigerant, a freezer drawer with an electronic icemaker, and customizable organization. This model only comes in the 30" width and boasts a total capacity of 14.09 cu. ft. which seems much smaller given the average 20 cu. ft. in the previously mentioned models. However, keep in mind that this refrigerator is smaller overall. For comparison, the Dacor DYF30BFBSR 30" bottom-freezer refrigerator has a total capacity of 15.5 cu. ft. therefore the GE model is not that much smaller than the average size. Besides, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in features. We've already said enough about how necessary and great the dual system of refrigeration is, so it's no surprise we chose to highlight yet another unit that has that system. The lower drawer has independent temperature controls and can be either a fresh food, frozen food, wine or beverage storage center. You can switch it to fit what you need at the time-- incredible versatility! This product is also GE's first HFC-Free model in the United States. HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) is an ozone-depleting compound found in most refrigerants and GE has switched to an R600a refrigerant which has a lower impact on the ozone layer and global warming. There's a standard freezer drawer for your daily frozen favorites (Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, anyone?) and it features a removable ice bin and scoop. The unit also extends its already apparent versatility to the inner configuration of the shelves and storage bins. There are three adjustable door bins, adjustable glass shelves, and a removable beverage rack. This model is also available with glass doors so you can fit a custom panel either on it to cover it entirely, or just around the glass panels so you can see inside the unit without opening it. This is also a great incentive to remember to clean out the fridge every once in a while, which is an often neglected part of refrigerator maintenance.

Liebherr - HCB2062

libherr built-in bottom-freezer refrigerator

Liebherr's 36" Built-In French Door model has an 18.9 cu. ft. total capacity. This is the smallest capacity of all the featured refrigerators in the 36" size. However, it makes up for that in features and functionality. One of its most notable features is the BioFresh Compartment that lets you store certain fresh food for up to three time longer while still preserving it and making sure it retains water and doesn't spoil. The compartment maintains the food at a near freezing temperature for a super chilled preservation hub. This refrigerator also has the essential Dual Refrigeration cooling system, an automatic ice maker, and frost protection components. The fridge does a good job at keeping your food cold, so it takes precautions to make sure it doesn't get too cold. The NoFrost system defrosts the refrigerator automatically so you can check that off of your maintenance list. This works in conjunction with the FrostSafe transparent drawers that let you see your food and avoid frost accumulation. It's also Star-K and Energy Star certified so you don't have to sacrifice efficiency for power.

Go Invisible, Get Panel Ready.

panel ready built-in refrigerator

The stainless steel options are great because they match with most kitchens preexisting dcor and style, however there's also the panel-ready option. Panel-ready built-in refrigerators disappear completely. All of the refrigerators featured above are available in a panel-ready option. You need only provide a custom panel that is designed to perfectly match your cabinetry and you may just forget where your fridge is. However, this option is more expensive and time-consuming with regards to installation, but it's an investment that will last you for years down the line. You're paying for a cosmetic upgrade that's currently unparalleled and leading innovative technology in a smaller space. If you're totally redesigning your kitchen and you want a completely flush look, this is the way to go. Not to mention, they're the most aesthetically pleasing and space-saving design. The growing desire for more open space in the home makes this the perfect choice. Built-in appliances, like ranges, cooktops and wall ovens are a great way to really customize the design of your kitchen and give your home a modern look. It's worth considering and you dont have to sacrifice quality power for the design, so it should definitely be a contender for your next refrigerator purchase.

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