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Zephyr is one of the best range hood manufacturers in the business, placing emphasis on both form and function to bring you the most attractive range hoods in the industry. Having set out to completely redefine the industry, Zephyr has done exactly that, serving as a game-changing force in this vital segment of the kitchen appliances industry.

Originally launching with larger, more powerful, industrial-strength range hoods, a need which had never before been met, Zephyr further redefined the industry with a new focus on industrial design for both the home and commercial markets.

Zephyr has been noted for their excellent industrial design, obsessively focusing on the details until they're perfect with an Apple-like devotion to quality. This is not coincidental; lead designer Robert Brunner served for eight years in that capacity at Apple and both designed the Powerbook and brought their current designer, Jonathan Ive, into the company. His work is included in the permanent collection at MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York), and he is widely regarded as one of the finest industrial designers in the world. He personally designed Zephyr's Arc collection; when you buy Zephyr, you're not just buy a range hood. You're buying a work of art.

Built of the highest quality stainless steel, Zephyr range hoods feature unibody construction, meaning the frame is molded out of a single piece of metal. This means no hard-to-clean seams between metal sheets, which can attract and trap dirt and grease. A Zephyr can be cleaned with a simple wipe down. When you buy Zephyr, you're getting the best on the market, hands down.

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