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Everybody's life should be grand, and Whynter wants to help make sure of it. Still a young player on the board, Whynter was founded in 2006 with one goal in mind: to provide the best home lifestyle and comfort appliances on the market to make your life just that much better. In that time, they've made quite the splash, with the highest quality products available today in categories as diverse as air comfort and and bathroom scales, each beautifully designed and masterfully engineered. With the best components and the highest quality stainless steel making up every product, you can trust that when you buy Whynter, you're buying the finest home appliances out there, a commitment to quality and excellence that makes itself felt through every air conditioner, misting fan, patio heater, and beverage cooler they manufacture. Whynter is a name you'll come to trust implicitly.

And they deserve it. Not only are they dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality home comfort appliances anywhere, but their commitment to green practices is second to none. Whynter's green products are energy efficient and contain no ozone depleting chemicals, meaning you can be confident that a Whynter product isn't just great for you -- it's great for the planet.

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