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Whirlpool Single Wall Ovens

You know… at the end of the day, you just need to get the job done.
No frills or thrills. Just results—especially when it comes to cooking.
So check out our reliably straightforward Whirlpool Ovens.

An unassuming stainless steel powerhouse that simply… Gets. It. Done. Every time. Its wonderfully simple style is ideal for neutral homes that aren’t quite traditional nor very modern. A perfectly “just right” fit for you kitchen.

If you take a look at its awesomely slick stainless steel exterior, you’ll notice the control panel—which runs along the very top of the appliance for easy access and instant use. Opening and closing the door is hassle-free, thanks a counterbalanced design. The interior is MASSIVE. Allowing for up to 53 liters of no-squeeze capacity.

The Whirpool oven’s state-of-the-art interior fan facilitates air distribution…guaranteeing a consistent and evenly cooked mouthwatering meal. And its multifunctional capacity is a culinary blessing—allowing hosts to cater to an assortment of appetites.


Fuel Type

  • Electric


  • 24-33”


  • 120

Exterior Width

  • 30”

Don’t Waste Any More Time.

So Get the Job Done.

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