Whirlpool Range Hoods

Our amazing variety of Whirlpool Range Hoods are incredibly flexible. Allowing you to choose the venting type you’ll use to kick the stuffing out of germs and foul kitchen odors.

Plus, it just looks so jaw-droppingly sleek and modern.

A perfect fit for your contemporary kitchen design.


Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our


Makes Friends with Your Cooktop

OK… Maybe not literally. But it certainly does match up well with most if not all cooktops. It has a streamlined glass design that seamless blends with either gas or electric cooktops. Improving the overall sleek and modernized look that’s so highly coveted.

Brighten Your View

Now you can always keep an eye on your next upcoming delicious meal. Thanks to the overhead incandescent task lighting shining down on you.

Streamlined Cleaning

The filters are dishwasher-safe. Simplifying the cleaning process. So now you can get the range hood looking glossy in a flash.

Unrivaled Speed-Trio Fan

That’s right. You get up to 3 fans-speed settings to maximize air ventilation performance. So you won’t have to worry about any stubborn odors clinging to your kitchen air.

Highly Adjustable

Want to vent odors and vapors out of your house? Or would you rather have these recirculated? Now you can make the choice during installation.

During installation, choose between venting vapors and odors outside or recirculating them, depending on your kitchen’s ventilation setup.

F.I.T.…For You

It stands for Flexible Install System. And boy, is it flexible! This groundbreaking and industry exclusive ventilation feature guarantees the seamless installation of your hoot into any cabinet cutout. An simple-to-do task that typically only takes one person to install.



  • Gold


  • Hood
  • Blower

Mounting Type

  • Under Cabinet
  • Wall Mount
  • Island Mount

Venting Type

  • Ducted
  • Convertible


  • Standard Hood
  • Canopy Pro Style
  • Chimney Style

Blower Type

  • External
  • Internal
  • Incline


  • 24-48”


  • 200-1300


  • 115
  • 120

Energy Star

Finally. It’s time.

To Push Your Kitchen to Another Level.

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