Whirlpool Microwaves

Things are starting to heat up…and get really tasty.

You can thank the sleek and state-of-the-art Whirlpool Microwaves for that.

Because they’re designed to make your tummy sing.


Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our


Heat What You Love

A 1.7 cu. ft. interior gives this microwave all the capacity you need for your heating needs.

Adjusts To Your Food

Whirlpool Microwaves bring time on your side—by automatically adjusting it to get you the results you want. Plus, it also throws in a little steam for fish, rice, veggies and whatever else. Thanks to its universal steamer.

Concentrated Power

1,000 watts worth of microwaving power will heat all of your favorite meals with that just right temperature.

Easy-to-Use Design

Point blank. This microwave is designed to make life simpler for you. It has a seamless look—thanks to a hidden vent—that makes cleaning a breeze. Just a few wipes and done.

Keeping It Clean. Keeping It Pure

Get out of here, grease. Goodbye, nasty odors. The 220 CFM 2-speed fan waves off all of these olfactory-fiends with grace, power…and silence.

Easy Cleaning. No Sticking.

This appliance is built to never give you cleaning headaches. Seriously. The inside is made of a non-stick surface—eliminating any need to use chemicals to clean it.

Auto Adjusting Fan

Depending on cooktop temperature, the fan automatically adjusts.



  • Counter Top
  • Over-the-Range

Venting Type

  • Convertible


  • 18-30”


  • 18-24”


  • 12-20”


  • 1-2.5 cu. ft.

Cooking Watts

  • 700-1300


Treat Yourself to a Great Meal.

But you’ll Need an Awesome Microwave First.

So Don’t Wait Any Longer

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