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Whirlpool Front Load Dryers

Your clothes are begging you for better treatment. They want something better for them.
Something like our collection of Whirlpool Dryers—a cat quiet and efficient appliance.


Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our

An Energy Saving Option

That is… the EcoBoost Option with Eco Monitor. How does it work? Simple. It just uses HALF of the Whirlpool dryer’s dual heating element.

Wrestles Bacteria into Submission

Because they’re pesky, nasty, and all-around no good for us. Just choose the Sanitize Cycle, and it’ll remove 99.9% of bacteria including: staphylococcus aureas, K.pneumonia, and P. aureginosa

No Overdrying Here

Thanks to the AccuDry Sensor Drying System. It keeps a figurative eye out on moisture and temperature levels…and stops the cycle in its tracks once it senses a dry load.

Keeps the Ruckus Down

After a while the clanking of zippers and buttons in the middle of the night can get grating. So don’t put up with it anymore. These Whirlpool Dryers snuff out noise, using their Quiet Dry Noise Reduction System—basically sound-absorbing materials that line the drum and keep the noise INSIDE the appliance.

Small Loads—In a Flash

Sometimes you just need to throw in a few of your favorite things in for a quick wash and dry. But you also don’t want to wait an eternity. Well, thanks to the Quick Dry Cycle, throw up to 4 items in there and they’ll be ready in 15 minutes. Tops.

Sneak a Peek at Cycle Updates

Wondering how long until the cycle is over? Just take a gander at the vibrantly illuminated LED display for the time.

Like Botox… But for your Clothes

And less painful… In fact, not painful at all. All it does is tumble the dryer every 5 minutes AFTER the cycle is over—a wrinkle prevention method that results in smooth, awesome looking clothes.



  • Duet
  • Cabrio
  • Cabrio Platinum
  • Duet Steam


  • Front Load

Venting Type

  • Vented
  • Ventless

Fuel Type

  • Electric
  • Gas


  • 24-30”


  • 22-32”


  • 30-45”


  • 3-8 cu. ft.


  • 120
  • 240

ADA Compliant

Your Kitchen’s Awesome Future Awaits You.

So Don’t Leave It Hanging.

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