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Viking Countertop Microwaves

A fantastic microwave is a terrible thing to ignore. You’re not doing your kitchen any favors.
So bring home our game-changing Viking Countertop Microwaves.

Sleek. Modern. Adaptable.


Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our


Sensing What You Want.

Looking to prepare your favorite meals, reheat something from the other night, or just bust out some popcorn for a before-bed movie? No problem. Thanks to the exclusive instant sensor settings, you’ll get first-rate quality delivered to you instantaneously.

Program. Press.  Go.

It would be great if you could just assign some pre-programmed times for instant cooking. Oh, wait. That does exist. Our Viking Microwaves come with streamlined fast action keys, saving you plenty of time and eliminating hassle.

Revolutionary Thawing.

Sometimes you just don’t know how much power or time it’ll take to defrost certain meats or poultry—resulting in several guessing games. Well, it’s time to stop playing. Just use pick a defrost program and it’ll thaw your foods efficiently, based on their respective weight.

Touch and One.

Don’t sweat it if you mistimed your microwaving. Just press the add-a-minute for extra time and guaranteed mouthwatering results.

Ready When They Are.

Your masterpiece is ready for eating…but no one is home. No big deal. Stick it into a Viking microwave, select the warm/hold feature, and keep your food warm and eat-ready for up to half an hour.
Crisis averted.

No Kiddos Allowed.

You know how it is…turn your back on them for ONE second, and they’re suddenly microwaving a GI Joe.
Don’t let that happen. Set the child lock and rest easy. Knowing they won’t set your house on fire.



  • From 22” to 30”


  • From 15” to 16”


  • From 13” to 15”


  • From 1 to 3 cu. ft.

Cooking Watts

  • 1100


  • 120

It’s Time to Have a GREAT Meal.

So CHECK OUT Our Collection of Viking Countertop Microwaves.