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Vent-A-Hood® Limited is a manufacturing of all things related to ventilation systems. Their niche line up of products include wall mount hoods, island mount hoods, range hood blowers, air recovery systems, chimney extensions and under cabinet hoods. Vent-A-Hood was founded in 1933 from Dallas, Texas and was the first producer of household cooking ventilation and range hoods. Vent-A-Hood ventilation systems are given individual concentration in manufacturing durable hoods built for performance and style.

Vent-A-Hood has progressed within the industry in having an exceptional reputation throughout the ventilation business by offering the highest quality “in stock” range hoods, in addition to, their handmade workmanship with their “custom” hood lineup. A key to Vent-A-Hood’s success is contributed to their Magic Lung® blower system which provides unparalleled performance in circulating air, collecting grease and smoke but maintaining the lowest operational noise levels.

For over 80 years, Vent-A-Hood has continued to create the industry’s leading product line of top quality and high performing ventilation hoods and air systems. With an extensive and experienced history, Vent-A-Hood has achieved a trustworthy and dependable status as a brand name. As recently as, 2005, Vent-A-Hood expanded their manufacturing facilities by 50% to accommodate the steady and consistent growth with consumers’ demand with home range hoods.

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