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For more than seventy-five years, Thermador has been the industry leader in home and commercial cooktops, refrigeration systems, dishwashers, and other major appliances. Always a source of innovation, this legendary company has been empowering cooks at every level to cook better, faster, and cleaner for the better part of a century. In that time, they've pioneered major breakthroughs, including the first wall oven to speed-cooking ovens. And that legacy of excellence and inventiveness hasn't been diminished with time. Thermador continues to reinvent the market.

Both their home Pro Harmony line and the professional Pro Grand line of ranges have amazing features that only Thermador can offer, including their exclusive Star burners. Available only from Thermador, these innovative burners offer you a significantly reduced coldspot with faster boiling times. So Thermador gets hotter, faster, and more effectively; with the ExtraLow feature, Thermador also gets cooler. ExtraLow allows you to reduce heat significantly below the point where other burners simply shut off, as low as 100 degrees. With Thermador, you can simmer more delicate sauces or keep food warm without burning or scorching it. Only Thermador cooktops give you the widest range of temperature control than any other simmer system on the market today. And with a porcelain QuickClean Base, your burners easily pop right out, allowing you to clean your cooktop quickly, without having to dig into nooks, crannies, or any other small spots where filth normally gets trapped. All of that on top of an enormous 4.4 cubic foot oven capacity and restaurant-quality knobs and fixtures!

This is what seventy-five years of experience and a tradition of brilliance and ingenuity gets you: world-class products miles above anything else on the market. We're extremely proud to offer Thermador appliances.

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Rebate: Expires:
Thermador - Save up to $7646
Option 1:
Buy a 30"/36"/48" Professional Range and get a FREE Emerald Dishwasher ($1449 value).
Buy any Cooktop/Rangetop and any Wall Oven, and get a FREE Emerald Dishwasher.

Option 2:
Buy a 48" Pro Grand Steam Range and get a FREE Sapphire Dishwasher ($1899 value).

Bonus Savings:
Add any 30"/36" Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, or any 42"/48" Side by Side Refrigerator, or any two Freedom Columns and get one of the following:
-Free Microwave Drawer ($1,649 Value)
-Steam/Convection Oven at 50% Discount from UMRP
-Upgrade to a Star-Sapphire or get a 2nd Dishwasher Free (Upgrade Charges Apply)
-Ventilation System FREE (up to a $3848 value)

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