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For centuries, humanity has recognized the rejuvenating, healing power of saunas. Perhaps it's just how it lets you relax yourself completely, opening yourself up to your body's natural healing energies. Maybe the steam stimulates some strange attractor that encourages the body to heal itself. Whatever the cause, whatever led humanity to turn to this ingenious method of relaxation and rejuvenation, you can now bring the sauna into your own human with the Steam Spa system. Rid your body of toxins, pain, sore muscles, and more when its convenient for you. Steam Spa's steam generators and home saunas are the ultimate in home relaxation, an efficient, innovative home solution, made with the utmost care and built upon a reputation for reliability, dependability, quality, and excellence.

Steam Spa steam generators feature a 6-year limited factory warranty, dual-tank technology, unprecedented continuous steam output, a remarkable, super quiet operation, patented QuickStart technology for hot steam output in under one minute, and single or dual control panels. This innovative company is constantly revising, redeveloping, and improving their products with perpetual research into better engineering processes, all so you can relax a little bit better, with less hassle than rival steam generator manufacturers require, and less worry. With Steam Spa, you get the best relaxation environment, a peaceful retreat from the stresses of the world, and that's a guarantee.

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