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Luma Comfort EC110S


EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler

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  • Luma Comfort MF26B
    Luma Comfort MF26B

    MF26B Commercial Misting Fan: Black


    Sicilia LAI-OASIS-BLK-EL 28" Portable Outdoor Oasis Evaporative Mist Cooling Fan with 5 Gallon Water Tank, 3 Speed Settings, 350 sq. ft. Mist Radius and Centrifugal Misting Technology in Matte Black

  • Luma Comfort MF24B
    Luma Comfort MF24B

    MF24B 24" Commercial Misting Fan: Black

  • Luma Comfort MF18W
    Luma Comfort MF18W

    MF18W Cool Misting 18" Fan: White

  • Sunpentown SF1469
    Sunpentown SF1469

    SF-1469 14" DC-Motor Energy Saving Stand Fan with Remote Control, 3 Fan Speeds, Adjustable Head Angles, Adjustable Height in White/Green

    $86.89 $78.99
  • Luma Comfort EC220W
    Luma Comfort EC220W

    EC220W Commercial Evaporative Cooler


    Sicilia LAI-FANTOM-BLK-EL Fantom 22" Portable Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Dry Mist Cooling Fan with 150 sq. ft. Mist Radius, 2 Gallon Water Tank, 3 Speed Settings and 5 Year Warranty in Matte Black


    Sicilia LAI-AMIT-GRY-EL 16" Portable Indoor Amiti Misty Cooling Fan with 2.5 Liter Water Tank, 90 Watts, 5 Hour Run Time, 3 Speed Settings, 360 Degree Breeze Circulation and Remote Control in Grey

  • Comfort Zone CZHV20B
    Comfort Zone CZHV20B

    CZHV20B 20 in. High Velocity Pedestal Cradle Fan with 3 Speeds, Adjustable Horizontal Tilt, Grounded Cord, Safety Grills and an All Metal Build in Black

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  • Comfort Zone CZMC24
    Comfort Zone CZMC24

    CZMC24 24 In. Comfort Zone Industrial Drum Fan with 3 Speeds, All Metal Build, 60 In. Long Grounded Cord in Black

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  • Comfort Zone CZ121BW
    Comfort Zone CZ121BW

    CZ121BW 12 in. Oscillating High Performance Air Movement Table Fan with Adjustable Vertical Tilt, Steel Safety Grill, AB Blades and Very Quiet Operation

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  • Sunpentown SF1670M
    Sunpentown SF1670M

    SF-1670M 16" Outdoor/Indoor Misting Fan with Remote Controlled with LED Panel, Adjustable Height and Head Angle, GFCI Protection

    $153.99 $139.99
  • Sunpentown SF1666M
    Sunpentown SF1666M

    SF-1666M 16" 40,000 BTU Oscillating Outdoor/Indoor Misting Fan with Weather-Resistant Construction, 90 Degree Oscillation or Fixed Direction, Adjustable Height, GFCI Protection

    $140.79 $127.99
  • Sunpentown SF1466
    Sunpentown SF1466

    SF-1466 14" Micro-Computer Standing Fan with Built-in Ionizer, Remote Control, 3 Fan Speeds, 3 Oscillation Features, Adjustable Head Angle

    $87.99 $79.99
  • Lava Heat FANTOMXL24
    Lava Heat FANTOMXL24

    FANTOMXL24 Fantom XL 24 With Proprietary Ultrasonic Design, Indoor/Outdoor Use, 24" Oscillating Fan, 3 Speeds, 3 Gallon Tank, Accepts Garden Hose Hookup & In Black

  • Sunpentown SF1467
    Sunpentown SF1467

    SF-1467 14" Oscillating Standing Fan with 3 Fan Speeds, Adjustable Head Angle, Adjustable Height in Grey

    $48.94 $44.49
  • Sunpentown SF1468
    Sunpentown SF1468

    SF-1468 14" Remote Control Standing Fan with 2 Fan Speeds, Adjustable Head Angle, Adjustable Height in White/Blue

    $65.99 $59.99
  • Sunpentown SF1465
    Sunpentown SF1465

    SF-1465 14" Standing Fan with 3 Fan Speeds, Fixed or Oscillating Louver Rotation, Adjustable Head Angle

    $58.29 $52.99
  • Sunpentown SF1413
    Sunpentown SF1413

    SF-1413 14" Portable Box Fan with 3 Fan Speeds, Louver Rotation in Light Olive Green

    $54.99 $49.99
  • Sunpentown SF0703
    Sunpentown SF0703

    SF-0703 Silent Electric Desktop Table Fan with Ionizer, Ultra Quiet Motor, 3 Fan Speed Settings, Adjustable Head Angle in Stainless Steel/Black

    $29.69 $26.99
  • Sunpentown SF1521
    Sunpentown SF1521

    SF-1521 Remote Controlled Tower Fan with Ionizer, LCD Screen,3 Speed Settings, 70 Degree Oscillation

    $82.49 $74.99
  • Sunpentown SF1522
    Sunpentown SF1522

    SF-1522 Tower Fan with Night Light, 3 Speed Settings, 70 Degree Oscillation, Easy-to-Use Controls

    $63.79 $57.99
  • Comfort Zone CZHVP18EX
    Comfort Zone CZHVP18EX

    CZHVP18EX 18-Inch High Velocity Industrial Pedestal Fan

  • Lava Heat OASIS
    Lava Heat OASIS

    Oasis Misting Fan With All Steel Construction, Remote Control, 5 Gallon Tank, 3 Speeds, LED Display, Oscillating 26" Blade Fan, Energy-Saving Timer & In Black

  • Sunpentown SF1816
    Sunpentown SF1816

    SF-1816 Heavy Duty Fan with 3 Fan Speeds, Oscillating or Fixed direction, Adjustable Height

    $87.99 $79.99
  • Sunpentown SF1530I
    Sunpentown SF1530I

    SF-1530I Mini Tower Fan with Ionizer, 3 Speed Settings, 45 Degree Oscillation, LED Indicator Light in Silver/Black

    $43.99 $39.99
  • Sunpentown SF1530
    Sunpentown SF1530

    SF-1530 Mini Tower Fan with 3 Speed Settings, 45 Degree Oscillation, LED Indicator Light in Blue/White

    $48.39 $43.99
  • Sunpentown SF0702
    Sunpentown SF0702

    SF-0702 7" Electric Desktop Fan with Ultra Quiet Motor, 3 Fan Speed Settings, Adjustable Head Angle in White/Violet

    $27.49 $24.99