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Body Solid B2R


B2R Endurance Electronic Recumbent Exercise Bike

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  • Body Solid B3R
    Body Solid B3R

    B3R Endurance Self Generating Recumbent Bike with LED Display, Welded Steel Frame in Powder Coat Finish, DuraFirm Upholstery

  • Body Solid B25R
    Body Solid B25R

    B2.5R Endurance Electronic Recumbent Exercise Bike

  • Body Solid B2U
    Body Solid B2U

    B2U Best Fitness Endurance Manual Upright Bike

  • Pro-Form PFEX82912
    Pro-Form PFEX82912

    PFEX82912 320 SPX Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike, with 250 lbs. Weight Capacity, Felt Resistance System, Chain Drive System and Water Bottle Holder

  • Reebok RBEX05813
    Reebok RBEX05813

    RBEX05813 510 Indoor Exercise Bike with One Window LCD Display, Ergonomic Padded Saddle Seat, 48 lbs. Inertia Enhanced Flywheel, Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame and Water Bottle Holder

  • Pro-Form PFEX01312
    Pro-Form PFEX01312

    PFEX01312 Le Tour De France Exercise Bike, with 20% Incline and Decline, 24 Tour Apps, Intelligent Wind Resistance, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and Ipod Compatibility

  • Pro-Form PFEX05910
    Pro-Form PFEX05910

    PFEX05910 GT Exercise Bike, with 20 Digital Gears, 3.5" Full Color Display, Commercial Grade Steel Frame, Ergonomic Padded Saddle and Ipod Compatibility

  • Kettler 7988889
    Kettler 7988889

    7988-889 ERGO RACE Indoor Training Bike

  • Reebok RBEX06013
    Reebok RBEX06013

    RBEX06013 610 Indoor Exercise Bike with 24 Built-in Workouts, Wireless Chest Pulse Strap, Oversized Seat with Extra Cushion, and Ipod Compatibility

  • Pro-Form PFEX71808
    Pro-Form PFEX71808

    PFEX71808 385 CSX 8 Personal Trainer Workouts Exercise Bike, Blue-Tinted LCD, Digital Resistance, 250 lb. Weight Capacity

  • Body Solid B25U
    Body Solid B25U

    B2.5U Endurance Electronic Upright Exercise Bike with Heart Rate Readout, LED Display, Welded Steel Construction, Silent Poly-V Belt Drive

  • Body Solid BFRB1
    Body Solid BFRB1

    BFRB1 Best Fitness Recumbent Bike, with Adjustable Lumbar Supported Back Pad, 8 Resistance Levels, Real Time Five Panel Monitoring, and Adjustable Seat, in Black/Red

  • Pro-Form PFEX22912
    Pro-Form PFEX22912

    PFEX22912 XP Whirlwind 320 Exercise Bike, with Upright Design, Adjustable Air Resistance, Adjustable, Oversized Seat with Padding, Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor and Ipad Compatible

  • Weslo WLEX31212
    Weslo WLEX31212

    WLEX31212 Pursuit Pursuit CT 2.2 Exercise Bike with Adjustable Seats, Electromagnetic Resistance Level, Heart Rate Monitor, and Simple LCD Display

  • Pro-Form PFEX52912
    Pro-Form PFEX52912

    PFEX52912 5.0 ES Exercise Bike, with 18 Workouts, 18 Digital Resistance Levels, Ergonomic Pedals With Adjustable Straps, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and Ipod Compatible

  • First Degree Fitness E620
    First Degree Fitness E620

    E-620 Commercial Seated Fluid UBE (Upper Body Exercise) Machine with Interactive Performance Monitor

  • Pro-Form PFEX53912
    Pro-Form PFEX53912

    PFEX53912 6.0 ES Exercise Bike, with Recumbent Frame, 22 Workouts, 20 Digital Resistance Levels, Grip Pulse EKG Heart Rate Monitor, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and Ipod Compatibility

  • Kettler 7639500
    Kettler 7639500

    7639-500 GIRO GT Programmable Cycling Trainer

  • Body Solid BFUB1
    Body Solid BFUB1

    BFUB1 Best Fitness Upright Bike

  • Kettler 7688100
    Kettler 7688100

    7688-100 RE7 Recumbent Ergometer with KETTLER Induktions Brake System

  • Kettler 7688600
    Kettler 7688600

    7688-600 GOLF R Recumbent Bike

  • Kettler 7986996
    Kettler 7986996

    7986-996 AXOS CYCLE R Programmable Recumbent Bike

  • Kettler 7631000
    Kettler 7631000

    7631-000 GIRO P Programmable Upright Bike

  • Kettler 7629000
    Kettler 7629000

    7629-000 GIRO R Programmable Recumbent Bike

  • Kettler 7682100
    Kettler 7682100

    7682-100 E3 Upright Ergometer

  • Kettler 7664000
    Kettler 7664000

    7664-000 POLO M Upright Exercise Bike