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One of the most well-regarded and recognized names in electronics and home appliances, Sharp is dedicated to improving your life, one machine at a time. The US subsidiarity of the Sharp Corporation of Osaka, Sharp Electronics is devoted to bringing you only the best consumer appliances and electronics, from microwaves to steam ovens to the remarkable Aquos LCD TV system. Since 1912, when Tokuji Hayakawa first founded what eventually became the Sharp Corporation, they've been working hard to advance technology to make your life easier. In that time, Sharp has developed everything from the first solar-powered calculator to the largest commercially available LCD monitor, from copiers to solar cells, from air purifiers to steam ovens, and from microelectronics to microwave ovens. Clearly, Sharp's ambitions know no bounds, and there's no part of contemporary life they're not working hard to make a little bit simpler, and a little bit better.

Devoted to improving the culture, and welfare of people throughout the world, Sharp is always working for you. From their invention of the simple microwave carousel base to the space-saving microwave drawer, an innovative new way to think about quick cooking, hard work and quality design go into every idea, and every design. Sharp products are designed to help individuals, families, corporations, gatherings of friends, or any other configuration of people you can imagine, move effortlessly through their lives, giving them the freedom to be creative, fascinating, and excellent. You don't need your life cluttered by bad design; you need good design to get out of your way.

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