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Sanyo Appliances

Originally founded in 1947 in a borrowed Matsushita plant, Sanyo spent much of the twentieth century building a legacy and reputation as a premier manufacturer of electronics and home appliances. This longtime industry leader manufactured everything from electric radios to dishwashers to semiconductors to personal computers of the highest quality, becoming one of the world's most recognized and highly-regarded consumer goods manufacturers. Since 2009, Sanyo has been a part of the Panasonic family of brands, where they have turned their focus toward the manufacture of the finest, most luxurious massage chairs in the world. Sanyo's mission is to provide you with the utmost in comfort and relaxation, powered by the highest quality materials and the most advanced relaxation technology. With every piece manufactured according to the highest standards and the smallest variances in some of the finest facilities on Earth, you can trust that when you buy a Sanyo massage chair, you're buying a quality product backed by a decades-long tradition of excellence that has made the Sanyo name one of the most respected in the business.

Sanyo Massage Chairs