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For over seventy years, Samsung has been one of the world leaders in innovation. Originating as a small export business in Daegu, South Korea, Samsung has spent the last seventy years growing into one of the world's largest electronics and home appliance industries. As one of the principal industrial manufacturers in the world today, Samsung and its affiliate companies, Samsung has branched into many different fields, from electronics such as its popular Galaxy smartphone to home appliances including vacuums, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

Samsung System AC offers the innovative DVM system, enhancing comfort while reducing energy consumption. A world leader in mini-split air conditioning units, Samsung's tradition for excellence and quality in their other manufacturing areas extends to air conditioning, where they've established themselves at the cutting edge of home cooling and comfort technology. Smart Inverter technologyhelps lower your energy consumption by up to 50% when compared with a conventional air conditioner, all with less fluctuation and motor run time. The end result is a high-efficiency air conditioner built to cool fast, keep temperatures stable, and run quieter than any air conditioner you've ever seen before. These units run at 20 decibels, which is, quite literally, quieter than a whisper. Samsung System AC gives you performance when you need it, running well in temperatures as high as 115 degrees and as low as -5; you'll be comfortable in the starkest heat or bitterest cold when Samsung System AC is backing you up.

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