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Friedrich M33TYF 33,000 BTU Tri-Zone Wall-Mounted Cool/Heat Pump Ductless Split System with Advanced Inverter Technology (MW09Y3FM & 2 x MW12Y3FM Indoor /MR36TQY3F Outdoor)
Brand: Friedrich
Part Number: M33TYF

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Product Details:


Three indoor wall-mounted units connected to a single outdoor unit.

Cool multiple rooms or use for backup systems in remote areas. Each indoor unit has a remote control and is independently controlled for optimum zone cooling flexibility.

The M33TYF Ductless Split System features a new level of system flexibility and control at your fingertips with the Advanced Inverter Technology. Inverter Technology lets you reach the desired temperature FASTER, maintain it MORE ACCURATELY, and REDUCE energy costs. It eliminates the constant compressor start-ups/ shut-downs required to maintain the set temperature with traditional technology. It controls compressor rotation speed precisely and adjusts capacity to meet demand, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

Inverter Technology allows each system to adjust capacity and cooling output to provide only the amount of cooling needed at a given time. For example, an 18,000 BTU/h system will operate even more efficiently as a 15,500 if that is all thats needed.

All of the Friedrich ductless split systems exceed the new 13.0 SEER requirements. And, a full one-third of the models have super high ratings ranging from 16.5 to 19.0 SEER.

Units are fully programmable, so setting and keeping the desired comfort level is a snap. Smart features like "Sleep Timer" and "Energy Saver" allow the user to program the unit for optimum energy savings. The continuous "Air Sweep" auto louvers gently distribute cool or warm air throughout the room.

A new level of system flexibility and control is at your fingertips on Friedrich single and multi-zone systems. Youll have more options for optimum comfort, control and energy savings.

Over 20 single, dual, tri- and quad-zone systems provide a wide range of heating and cooling options for even the toughest remodels, additions and improvements.

The Friedrich ductless split systems have the advantages of a ducted installation without the high material and labor costs. Absolutely no ductwork is required, so most systems can be installed and running in a few hours.

Residential/Commercial Applications

Computer rooms/ server rooms

Room additions/ renovations

Homes without ductwork

Kitchen and prep areas in restaurants

Offices in warehouse spaces or large retail buildings

Offices and buildings where security concerns prevent the installation of window units


MW09Y3FM & 2 x MW12Y3FM Indoor Unit /MR36TQY3F Outdoor Unit


° Auto Swing louvers (up/down)
° Continuous Air Sweep
° Auto-restart
° Auto-shut flaps
° Washable air filters
° Removable front grille
° Low-ambient operation

Wireless Remotes

° Remote for each indoor unit
° 24-hour timer and sleep timer
° Auto/cool/dry/fan/heat modes
° Four fan speeds heating or cooling: high/medium/low/quiet, plus auto-fan
° Secured remote control holder
° Four different transmitter codes


Dimensions & Weight
Indoor Unit Width: 31 1/8"
Indoor Unit Height: 10 7/8"
Indoor Unit Depth: 8 1/2"
Indoor Unit Net Weight: 21 lbs. ea.
Indoor Unit Shipping Weight: 26 lbs. ea.
Outdoor Unit Width: 35 3/8"
Outdoor Unit Height: 32 5/8"
Outdoor Unit Depth: 13"
Outdoor Unit Net Weight: 159 lbs.
Outdoor Unit Shipping Weight: 172 lbs.
Performance Ratings
Indoor Model: MW09Y3FM / 2 x MW12Y3FM
Outdoor Model: MR36TQY3F
Capacity Cooling - MW09Y3FM: 9,400 BTU/h
Capacity Cooling - MW12Y3FM: 11,800 BTU/h ea.
Capacity Heating @ 47°F - MW09Y3FM: 10,700 BTU/h
Capacity Heating @ 47°F - MW12Y3FM: 13,600 BTU/h ea.
Capacity Heating @ 17°F - MW09Y3FM: 7,200 BTU/h
Capacity Heating @ 17°F - MW12Y3FM: 9,200 BTU/h ea.
HSPF: 9.0
SEER: 15.0
Moisture Removal - MW09Y3FM: 2.9 Pts/h
Moisture Removal - MW12Y3FM: 3.7 Pts/h ea.
Airflow (Quiet, Low, Med, High) - MW09Y3FM: 185/220/260/295 CFM
Airflow (Quiet, Low, Med, High) - MW12Y3FM: 215/250/305/355 CFM
Sound Rating - Indoor - MW09Y3FM: 27/29/33/37 dB-A
Sound Rating - Indoor - MW12Y3FM: 30/34/39/42 dB-A
Sound Rating - Outdoor: 52 dB-A
Operating Range - Cool: 0 - 115°F
Operating Range - Heat: 14 - 75°F
Electrical Data (all indoor units receive power from outdoor unit; values listed are total)
Power Source: 230/208-60-1
Min. Ampacity: 22.5 A
Cooling Watts: 3,710 W
Max. TD Fuse/Breaker: 30 A
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant: R410A
Compressor Type: Inverter
Connections: Flare
Liquid Line O.D.: 1/4"
Suction Line O.D.: 3/8"
Factory Precharge: 165 ft.
Max. Line Length: Each Unit: 82 ft. Total: 230 ft.
Max. Height Difference: 49 ft.