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Waste King PM1001 Easy Mount 1/2 Horsepower Builder Model Garbage Disposer with 2600 RPM
Brand: Waste King
Part Number: PM1001


Product Details:


The Waste King company, a household and commercial name in garbage disposers since 1946, was acquired in 1994 with the purchase of Waste King from Masco Corp. Waste King was the first complete line of garbage disposers selling to the residential and commercial markets. Waste King has become a trusted name through it's history and national network of plumbing wholesalers, retail outlets and restaurant and hotel equipment dealers.

Waste King Warranties are the Best and Longest in the Industry - Dare to Compare!
Their In-Home Service warranties cover all replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in material and workmanship for the full term of the warranty from the date of purchase. If service is requested during the warranty period, they will replace or repair the disposer in the customer's home at no charge. This kind of warranty demonstrates their commitment to quality.

Waste King motors produce 30% more torque (twisting power) and power than the competition and virtually eliminate jams!
To avoid food jams with a disposer, choose a model that has greater torque and does not have auto reverse. Disposers get stuck and jam because they don't have sufficient twist power and therefore they use an auto reverse mechanism to prevent the jamming. Disposers that don't jam... don't have an auto reverse feature!

Waste King disposers are Eco-Friendly and sanitizes your kitchen!
Today, removing the food scraps into the garbage disposer and down the drain with the cold water running, is one of the most sanitizing and Eco-Friendly things that you can do. It simplifies cleanup after the meal. Food scraps can be rinsed off the plate into the disposer, right at the sink. Food waste is then flushed down the drain and since food has been eliminated, there is no bad odor in the waste bin that can attract mice, flies, and insects. It also decreases the amount of garbage that you need to bag and that means you have done your part for the environment. There will be less waste at the local landfill site.


  • 2 Years In-Home Service Warranty
  • 1/2 HP
  • Space saving compact design
  • High-speed 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor produces more power per pound
  • Greatest torque
  • No need for auto-reverse
  • Corrosion resistant grinding components
  • Fast and easy mount system provides a no hassle installation
  • Removable splash guard is included
  • Power cord included
  • Safe for properly sized septic tanks
  • Longest warranties in the industry demonstrate commitment to quality

  • Specifications:

    Motor Horsepower: 1/2 H.P.
    Motor Speed R.P.M.: 2600
    Voltage: 115
    Hz: 60
    Current-Amps: 4.5
    Motor Type: Permanent Magnet
    Power Cord: Attached
    Stopper: Positive Seal
    Sink Flange: Stainless Steel and Celcon
    Splash Guard: Removable
    Waste Elbow: ABS
    Feed: Continuous
    Grind Ring: Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
    Swivel Impellers: Stainless Steel
    Turntable: Galvanized Steel
    Hopper: Glass Filled Nylon
    Grinding Chamber: Corrosion Proof Glass Filled Polyester
    Bearings: Permanently Lubricated; Sleeve Type
    Overload Protector: Manual Reset Type
    Dimensions and Weights
    Width: 5 3/8"
    Depth: 5 3/8"
    Height: 13 7/16"
    Sink Flange Size: 3 1/4"
    Shipping Weight: 8.1 Lbs.