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West Bend 33600 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Urn
Brand: West Bend
Part Number: 33600


Product Details:
Product Description:
Do you have a catering business, a bread and breakfast venture, or just a huge extended family of coffee-drinkers? This urn perks enough coffee for 40-100 servings, making it ideal for churches and social clubs too. Easy to operate and to clean.

Standing handsomely on its stay-cool base, this big coffeemaker is ideal for a buffet line, office, or any other situation where a lot of people drink a lot of coffee. It percolates up to 100 cups at a cup-a-minute rate and then automatically switches to keep-warm, serving-temperature mode. That\'s when the light goes on and the spigot shows off its no-drip capacity, perfect for spotless cup-and-saucer use. Lifting the spigot provides a continuous flow for filling coffee servers. The 23-inch coffeemaker is made of polished aluminum. The urns cover locks in place to prevent accidental spills.

Cup-per-minute brewing with auto temperature control to keep coffee hot for hours.
Serving light indicates end of brewing cycle.
Brewing instructions printed on faceplates for easy reference.
Interior water level markings for easy filling.
Two-way dripless faucets.

Package Dimension:
HEIGHT: 14.5 inches
LENGTH: 20 inches
WEIGHT: 10 pounds
WIDTH: 14.5 inches

Item Dimension:
HEIGHT: 23 inches
LENGTH: 14.5 inches
WEIGHT: 10 pounds
WIDTH: 10.6 inches