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Amana PTH093G25AXXX 9,000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner with Heat Pump and Backup Electric Heat, 230/208 Volt, 2.9 kW Heater, 15 Amp Breaker, EER Rating of 11.1
Brand: Amana
Part Number: PTH093G25AXXX

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Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry, provide assisted living services or a home owner, Amana® PTAC units are designed to simplify your business or home with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, all the while helping you to create the best environmental experience for your customer or your home.

Amana’s DigiSmart brings together their best PTAC ever with the best Energy Management Software and now integration with Property Management and Front-Desk Management Software. Reduce PTAC energy consumption by 35% OR MORE through the power of the in-unit Energy Management System, programmable temperature set-back and limits combined. Reduce PTAC maintenance cost through our automated maintenance notification system. Improved maintenance sustains energy efficiency (EER) and prolongs PTAC life, keeping equipment running greener and room guests more comfortable.



Energy Efficiencies: Our unit’s high efficiencies can qualify you for many of the rebates offered by electrical power companies. EERs up to 12.8 and COPs up to 3.5 keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Quiet Operation: Our PTAC has been redesigned to be the quietest PTAC we’ve ever built — with an STC of 28. The unit’s state-of-the-art design and construction provide a quiet environment, allowing guests to enjoy peaceful, sleep-filled nights. Operating sound levels are further dampened when the unit is in “low fan” mode of operation.

Assembled in the USA for 30 years: assembled at our plant in Fayetteville, TN, using Goodman resources including engineering, production, and testing.

Increased De-humidification Capacity: Maintain lower humidity levels in rooms while cooling them without the need for expensive add-ons. As a result, guests feel more comfortable at higher temperatures, thus reducing cooling costs, and increasing the life of your furniture, wall coverings, and fixtures is extended, which means fewer replacement costs.

5-Year Limited Warranty: Enjoy one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry: 1-year warranty on unit parts and labor; 5-year warranty on the entire sealed system components; limited 2nd through 5th year parts-only warranty on functional components.

100% run tested: All units are 100% run tested at our plant in Fayetteville, TN, including leak checks during manufacturing and again prior to shipment at the warehouse.

7 3/8" Unit Front Depth: Enhance valuable room space with our slim unit front, which has a sleek 7 3/8" depth, one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today. In addition, to inhibit guest-tampering, the front can be secured to the chassis with a hidden screw.

Removable Condenser Shroud: Allows easy access to maintain the condenser coil and extend life of the unit.

Easy Pull-Out Filter: Our full-length filter is washable and easy to maintain. Optional charcoal filters are available.

Filter Dryer for Sealed System Refrigerant: Standard in all units to protect the compressor and lengthen the life of the unit by removing moisture and preventing acid formation.

Condensate Dispersion System: Our condensate dispersion system removes condensate from indoor cooling operation by throwing water directly on to the outdoor coil for rapid evaporation and increased cooling efficiencies. The slinger ring on the new, enhanced 9-bladed fan draws water up and into the fan blades. This water is then atomized and evaporated into the atmosphere through the condenser. Increased surface area from the coil allows more water to be evaporated on the sides of the coils and helps to minimize condensate run-off .

Front Desk Control: Each unit comes equipped with the DigiSmart™ control and energy management software. With DigiSmart™ using the optional RF antennae, all units can be wirelessly connected to a central hub for enhanced energy savings and diagnostics. Amana® brand PTACs also have a low-voltage interface capability with a field-supplied front-desk ON/OFF switch.

Freeze Protection: When the unit senses temperatures of 40°F or below, the unit activates the fan motor and either the electric resistance heater or the hydronic heater. This may help reduce the risk of bursting water pipes or broken fixtures caused by freezing temperatures.

Easy-to-use Controls: No complex controls to confuse your guests and create phone calls for your manager. Controls are easy to read, understand, and activate.

Versatile Style: Stylish design and neutral color make it compatible with virtually any room décor or architectural design. The unit becomes less noticeable as it blends into the room’s color scheme.

Easy to Service with On-Board LED Diagnostics: The main components are easily serviced and there is no guessing to determine the problem with our easy-to-read diagnostics.

Stonewood Room Front: Our Stonewood room front strikes the balance between attractive styling and practical design. Distinctive contours and a modern appearance enhance the character of even the most luxurious room, while the sleek 7 3/8" depth maximizes usable space for your guests.

Remote Thermostat Control: When the DigiSmart™ wireless remote thermostat is set up, both the remote thermostat and unit control panel continue to control the unit, providing flexibility and home-like system control. Installation requires no more than pressing two buttons. No need to run wires or make electrical connections.

Remote Temperature Sensing: Guests enjoy ultimate comfort with consistent climate control. When the field-installed thermistor (RTS03) is used, the unit-mounted thermostat is overridden to allow more accurate, internal wall-sensing of room ambient temperature.
Extended Heat Pump Heating: Heat pump models will operate in the heating mode down to as low as 24°F outdoor ambient, providing additional hours of energy-saving operation.

Zero Floor Clearance: The unit can be installed flush to a finished floor, if desired. (Some accessories do not have zero clearance).

30-Second Fan-Off Delay: The fan continues to run 30 seconds after the compressor has stopped in either cooling or heat pump mode and after electric heat has been turned off . This improves efficiency by dispersing the conditioned air on the coils into the room.

Compressor Lock-In: This feature helps prolong the life of the compressor by preventing short-cycling. When the compressor is switched from Off to On because room temperature has risen or fallen below the specified limit, it will remain on for at least 4 minutes. If the temperature set-point is changed during this 4 minutes, the lock-in feature is overridden.

Automatic Emergency Heat: No more “my unit is not heating” complaints during the middle of the night. Heat pump units will automatically switch over to electric resistance heat if the heat pump compressor system fails or if the heating load is greater than the unit capacity.

Fan Mode: Take advantage of each unit’s dual options — select continuous fan operation or cycle the fan ON and OFF with the thermostat.

Reduced Outdoor Sound Transmission: With our STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) rating of 28, we keep outdoor sounds out of doors. By installing the optional STC 30 Rating Accessory Kit, ratings can be increased to a level STC 30, thereby meeting or exceeding most ratings requirements. (Kit ordered separately.)

Hidden Ventilation Control: The ventilation control lever is hidden from the occupant's view to allow you to manage ventilation requirements.


Overall Width: 42"
Chassis Width: 40"
Wall Sleeve Width: 42"
Overall Depth excl. Outdoor Grille: 21 1/2"
Wall Sleeve Depth: 14 1/8"
Overall Height: 16 1/16"
Net Weight: 112 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 127 lbs.
Power cord: 6-15 P

Voltage: 230/208
Capacity: 9,000/8,900 BTU/h
EER: 11.7/11.6
Unit without Electric Heater Minimum Circuit Amps: 5.0
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - High: 290
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - Low: 264
CFM (Dry Coil) - High: 310
CFM (Dry Coil) - Low: 282/215
Ventilated Air (Fan Only): 65 CFM (Approx. 95 CFM with optional power vent kit)
Ventilated Air (Compressor and Fan): 65 CFM (Approx. 95 CFM with optional power vent kit)
De-humidification: 2.2 Pints/Hr

Voltage: 230/208 Volts
Electric Heater Size: 2.5 kW
No. of Stages: 1
Nominal Heating @ 230V: 8,500 BTU/h
Nominal Heating @ 208V: 6,800 BTU/h
Total Watts: 2,570/2,115
Total Amps: 11.2/10.1
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 14.0
MOD: 15 Amps

Heating Capacity: 8,300/8,100 BTU/H
Amps: 4.1/4.1
Watts: 735/720
COP: 3.3/3.3
CFM (Dry): 310

With Compressor on (High/Cool)
Sound power level: 61.2 dBA
Sound pressure dBA-3,024 cubic feet per room @ 9 feet: 52.6
Sound pressure dBA-4,480 cubic feet per room @ 10 feet: 48.4
NC (High/Cool): 47

With Compressor off (High/Fan)
Sound Power Level: 60.5 dBA
Sound Pressure dBA-3,024 cubic feet per room @ 9 feet: 52.1
Sound pressure dBA-4,480 cubic feet per room @ 10 feet: 48.4
NC (High/Cool): 46