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Dream Baby L1172 Baby Proof Door Stopper Foam - 2 Pack
Brand: Dream Baby
Part Number: L1172

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Product Details:


A slamming door is a very easy way for a child to be injured in the household. This foam door stopped helps to prevent this from happening, as it pads the side of the door and stops it from closing entirely. The soft foam is safe and firm to use and will not destroy the surface of the door, nor wall. Easily used without any tools, the foam door stopper is an essential part of childproofing your home


  • Avoid pinched fingers
  • Great for use at home or when travelling
  • Also helps to prevent children from accidentally locking themselves into a room
  • 2 Packs


  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 6.5"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • Weight: 1
  • Material: Soft Foam