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Braun 100FC-BK Precision Series Foil/Cutterblock Replacement Pack
Brand: Braun
Part Number: 1000FCBK


Product Details:
Have you noticed a decline in your electric shaver\'s performance? Try replacing the blade. For optimum shaving performance, it should be replaced every 18 months. In fact, regular shavers estimate their shaves are 25 percent smoother after they replace a worn blade. This replacement blade snaps in easily for an instant improvement in your shave. For an even better shave, clean all parts regularly.

Product Description:
Replacement or extra Foil - Cutter combo / For use with BRAUN Precision series, including 209 - 259 - 2540s / Black

For optimum performance, clean regularly
Replacement blade for Braun models 100, 105, 150, 155, 205, 209, 255, 2540
Includes foil and cutter block
Blades should be replaced every eighteen months
Replacing your blade gives a 25% better shave

Package Dimension:
HEIGHT: 0.8 inches
LENGTH: 7.2 inches
WEIGHT: 0.05 pounds
WIDTH: 3.5 inches

Item Dimension:
HEIGHT: 6.38 inches
LENGTH: 3.25 inches
WEIGHT: 0.04 pounds
WIDTH: 0.88 inches