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Samsung Appliance MH035FECA 12000 BTU Ducted 410A Heat Pump Indoor Unit With Good Sleep Mode II, Health Care System, Efficient Cooling, Long Distance Airflow, Quiet Operation & Uniform Distribution
Brand: Samsung Appliance
Part Number: MH035FECA

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Product Details:


Features inverter-driven compressor, so when the outdoor unit detect changes in temperature outside and automatically changes compressor speed setting unlike conventional units, that work another way, because they start and stop repetitively. Special components inside the compressor increase the flux and reduce its weight and allow the compressor to work with higher energy efficiencies and save you up to 50% with better performance than before also at low levels of noise during start-up and running.


Micro Plasma Ion Zone and the Virus Doctor Technologies
Improves the indoor quality of your room by eliminating biological contaminants that threaten the health of you and your family. Viruses, bacteria, molds and allergy causing agents don`t stand a chance against the MPI Zone and Virus Doctor.

Good Sleep Mode II
Helps you fall asleep comfortably. How many times has this happened to you? You sleep with the AC off and it gets too hot. You sleep with AC on, it gets too cold. With Samsung`s Good Sleep II, the roomtemperature automatically adjusts to oyur body temperature s o you remain comfortable during your sleep. It can even save up to 36% in energy costs.

Health Care System
Samsung`s Multi Sleep Air Purifying Care System removes virtually all elements that are harmful to people by using various filters. At the same time, the system keeps the interior of the airconditioner ultra-clean, so only ultra-fresh air is produced.

Efficient Cooling
3-dimensional blade to provide equal speed to the cool air and boost up the airflow to spread further and wider to cover all the corners of the space being cooled.

Long Distance Airflow
This feature provides cool comfort to those areas farthest away from the air condiitoner. Samsung recognizes that it`s not only economically unsound but also wasteful in energy consumption when purchasing and turning on several air conditioners to cool a large open area.

Quiet Operation
The aerodinamically designed "Turbo Fan" minimizes noise from the blade movement. Thus, even the highest fan speed produces virtually no noise.

Uniform Distribution
Is one area of the room freezing, while another area hot? The new "Turbo Fan" has wide blades that provide extreme cooling power from separate outlets so the entire room gets cooler faster.

Smart pressure Control
The smart pressure control system adjusts fan speed according to external pressure so the air conditioner always gives you consistent cooling and heating, regardless of the surrounding environment.


Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU): 12,000
SEER: Up to 16.0
Rated Heating Capacity (BTU): 13,000
HSPF: Up to 8.0
Refrigerant Type: R410A
Moisture Removal (Pts/Hr): 7.6
Power Voltage 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz
RLA Cooling/Heating (Amps): 0.35A (Indoor Only)
Controls: Wired
Airflow - High-Med-Low (CFM): 400 - 335 - 320
Max External Static ("WC) 0.125"
Noise Level Low (Db): 27
Noise Level High (Db): 32
Width (Inches): 35 7/16
Height (Inches): 7 13/16
Total Depth (Inches): 23 5/8
Weight (lbs): 57
Supply Duct Connection (Inches): 6" x 33 3/4"
Samsung MH035FECA Indoor Unit Line Sets
Size: 1/4" & 3/8"
Max Line Set Length inc 75 ft
Max Vertical Separation of 50 ft
Samsung MH035FECA Warranty
Compressor: 5 Years
Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 120 Days