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Stone County Ironworks 903-134-LHR-LBK Pine Settee With Black Leather: Item pictured not exact
Brand: Stone County Ironworks
Part Number: 903134LHRLBK

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Item 903-134-LHR is a superb Pine Settee With Leather. Stone County Ironwork's signature Pine Collection is a stunning example of nature's detail expressed through exquisite craftsmanship. Enjoy the ephemerality of delicate pine needles, the rough texture of bark, and the quiet rhythm of pinecones; all rendered in solid, wrought iron. Each piece is individual to the blacksmith who created it. As in nature, no two branches are exactly alike. The Pine settee is a great accent piece for the living room, bedroom, entry or changing closet. 


•Hand forged and heirloom quality iron
•Crafted in the Ozark Mountain
•Custom designed pieces
•Elegant, Rustic, Old world and contemporary styles
•Made from Americas Blacksmith shop


Dimensions 32"W x 17"D x 19"H