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Cozzia 16027-3500 Feel Good Massage Chair: Brown
Brand: Cozzia
Part Number: 16027350089

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 The Feel Good 16027 features vibration massage for the seat and air pressure massage for the back, legs, and feet. Set your massage length from 5 to 30 minutes for any basic routine or specialty mode, and use the handy remote control to turn off your chair when you're done! The three partial massage programs - Neck & Shoulders, Back & Lumbar, and Lower Body - can be activated one at a time or you can combine the Lower Body program with either of the other programs.


Healthcare Program: A total body massage which defaults to a strong and intense massage similar to a deep tissue treatment. However, the strength and intensity can be adjusted to meet your preferences on ANY of these programs.
Relax Program: A more gentle massage routine than the Healthcare Program, with a focus on the neck, shoulders, and upper back utilizing light tapping and vibration. A gentle lower body air pressure routine accompanies the upper body massage.

Therapy Program: A happy medium between the Relax and Healthcare Programs. Focuses on upper body massage with only light and subtle air pressure in the calves and feet.

Circulation Program: Light Swedish-style strokes and a slow, gentle progression of vertebral massage are the hallmarks of this routine. The massage chair periodically adjusts its recline angle during this routine to enhance your blood circulation as the chair does its magic.

Finally, there's the Smart Program, which scans your body's dimensions and auto-adjusts the foot rest position and recline angle to custom-fit your needs. This massage program typically defaults to high strength and high intensity, with little variability allowed. We recommend that users familiarize themselves with the location of the stop-sensors in the foot rest - you'll want to exert pressure at the point beneath your heels as the foot rest adjusts to ensure that it maintains a suitable angle for your comfort preference.

Individual massage functions include Tapping (2 modes), Clapping (2 modes), Shiatsu (2 modes), Rolling (1 mode), and Swedish (2 modes). Each function has adjustments that, depending on the particular function, include speed and width adjustments. Except for the Rolling function, all functions can also be put into Spot and Partial modes where you specify the exact location or range of the massage.




S-Track Ergonomic Back Yes
Massage Techniques Tapping (2 Modes), Clapping (2 Modes), Shiatsu (2 Modes), Rolling, Swedish (2 Modes), Kneading (2 Modes)
Massage Programs Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, Demo
Partial Massage Yes
Partial Massage Programs Neck & Shoulder, Back & Lumbar, Lower Body
Spot Massage Yes
Partial/Spot Massage Vertical Adjustment Yes
Massage Strength - # Levels 5
Massage Speed - # Levels 5
Massage Width - # Levels 3
Massage Timer 5 - 30 Minute Adjustable, Auto Shut Off
Massage Pause Yes
Air Squeeze Massage Locations Back, Seat, Calves, Feet
Air Squeeze Intensity - # Levels 5
Automatic User Height Detection Scan Yes
Legrest Length Adjustment Yes
One Touch Automatic Recline Yes
Infinite Position Mechanism Yes
Zero Gravity Position Mechanism Yes
Lumbar Heat No
Seat Vibration Yes
Controller Type Wired Remote w/ LCD Display + Wireless Remote
Removable Cushions Yes
Reversible Cushions Yes
Built-In Casters Yes
Auto Self-Diagnostic Check Program Yes
Weight Capacity 300 lb
Overall Height 52.5"
Overall Width 29.5"
Overall Depth 57.5"
Seat Width 20.5"
Seat Depth 20.5"
Seat Height - From Floor 21.7"
Back Height - From Seat 31.5"
Overall Back Height 38.2"
Chair Weight 214 lb
Rec. Min Height 5' 4"
Rec. Max Height 6' 2"