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EcoSmart Fire Scope 500 Fire Grate w/ XL500 Bioethanol Burner
Brand: EcoSmart Fire
Part Number: SCOPE500

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Product Details:


It’s versatile and durable, elegant and superbly styled, functional and fabulous – and the EcoSmart Fire Scope 500 makes transforming a traditional wood fireplace into a contemporary, eco-friendly Bioethanol fireplace so simple. The EcoSmart Fire Scope 500 enables existing fireplaces to be easily and seamlessly converted. It’s a simple modification of an existing EcoSmart Fire Grate – the Grooved Fireplace Grate, and has been extended to accommodate the XL500 Burner, making it slightly wider to fit snugly in the hearth.  


  • Holds 1.6 gallons of fuel
  • Heat output of 13,990 BTUs
  • Burn time of 8 hours
  • Includes jerry can, lighter with lighting rod


Weight: 78 lbs
Approx Burning Time: 8 Hours
Operating Cost: around $2.00 /hr
Fuel Capacity: 1.6 Gallons
Fuel Consumption: 0.19 Gal/hr
Heats on Average: Over 460ft²
Ventilation: None required. The room cannot be less than 2,825ft³ per burner
Thermal Output Net: 14.75 Mj/h | 13,990 BTU | 4.1 Kw/hr