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Holland Bar Stool PT7-ECD 7' Elmhurst Legs and Cinnamon Finish Pool Table with Anaheim Ducks Logo
Brand: Holland Bar Stool
Part Number: PT7ECD

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Product Details:


There has been an ever increasing demand from our dealers and the billiard dealers of Olhausen Billiards to produce a much higher quality finished pool table that is competitively priced other than what is currently available to them. With this in mind, Holland Bar Stool Co. and Olhausen Billiards, the premier manufacturer of custom Pool Tables in the industry, have partnered up to do just that. We at Holland Bar Stool Co. have extremely high standards for the product that we manufacture, priding ourselves on the highest quality and craftsmanship in the industry for all of our stools, tables and chairs. We feel very comfortable partnering with a company like Olhausen Billiards, knowing that they bring these same standards to their products thus making it possible for us to offer the finest high quality collegiate branded Pool Table in the market.

The growing trend over the past decade has been to import the least expensive product and slap a logo on it, that’s not the case with us. All of our tables are manufactured in the USA and the quality and craftsmanship is far above that which is offered in the retail market at this time. 


  • First, let’s start with the table frame, the foundation of a long lasting quality table begins here, the competitor's table  uses a 1¼” thick medium density fiberboard and comes with a 1 year warranty while our table is made with a 1½” thick solid hardwood and carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Next the finish, the competitor's table has a Black Laminate finish while our table is finished in a hand rubbed traditional mahogany finish found only on finer furniture.
  • The top rails used on the competitor's table are made of Birch, a much softer and less expensive wood while ours are made of Canadian hard rock maple which further insures a solid lifetime of use.
  • Table slate is a very important part of the playability of a table. Our tables are made of 1” thick slate guaranteeing a longer lasting professional quality playing surface.
  • The table aprons are made with a solid routered hardwood.
  • The legs on a billiard table can separate it from an inexpensive game room quality to that of a fine piece of furniture. The inexpensive tables offered use legs that are made of a tapered medium density fiberboard while our table legs are made of solid hardwood.
  • Finally, one of the most important details that truly set’s our table apart from what is currently offered is the Logo. Our table is branded with a router cut directly into the wood not only displaying the school logo in a elegant fashion but further enhancing the look of this fine piece of furniture.


  • Color: Cinnamon
  • Primary Material: Poplar
  • Router cut logos
  • Hand rubbed finish
  • 1" thick slate playing surface
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 49 L x 88 W x 32 H in.
  • Weight: 450 lbs.